Issue #71
Summer 2006


The Gift of Love
by K'Tallia

Three and half years ago, on Saturday October 27, 2002, two Klingon warriors met. As all good love stories within Klingon fandom, they met working security at a convention called Primedia. Along with my best friend Lisa I arrived at the convention and I was immediately put to work watching the prizes for the auction.

Half-way thru my shift I met the dance's DJ who was in a panic, having forgotten her sound system (humans! always forgetting something important! ) and with no way of getting home to get it. Since I was heading home to pick up some overnight items, I gave her a lift.

Arriving back at the convention, I found a very handsome Pirate (of all things!) sitting in my chair guarding the prize table. I walked over and introduced myself as Lori, and his name was Krikor. We talked about the con for a few minutes before I had to go back on security detail elsewhere.

That evening as the convention was closing down I met up with Lisa and her boyfriend Chris. We were dicussing staying at the convention over night and how we would work out the sleeping arrangements, when Krikor showed up and asked Chris if he could stay in the room also. Chris was fine with it, as long as Lisa and I were. Especially me because I had already agreed to sleep on the floor and that's where Krikor would sleep as well, if I agreed. I did.

At that point, Chris and Lisa wanted to head out for dinner and I invited Krikor to come along. I figured what's the worst that could happen, he would be a jerk or he would be sweet. (a foreign concept to a Klingon, I know, sweet, hah!)

At Perkins we all got seated in a nice booth and the food was great. Lisa and Chris, thinking they were being cute, tried to play matchmaker to set up Krikor and I by making sure that Krikor was single (he was) and that he knew I was over the age of 16 (I was 22 at the time) and that he was interested in me (luck would have it, he was). Just before we left Perkins, Krikor brought me my favorite dessert, Carmel Apple Pie (god I still can remember that!)

We drove back to the hotel. Chris and Lisa....again with the playing matchmaker!.... went on ahead of us 'to make sure the hotel room was ready'! Krikor and I stood outside for a few moments and under the canopy of the naked stars we shared our first kiss. It was magical and amazing. It was the kind of kiss you want to hold on to forever so that you can tell your grandchildren someday what love is really all about.

From that evening on, we started to date. I'm not saying that it wasn't hard or that we didn't have our share of troubles and fights, because we did. What sort of relationship do you think we had? We are Klingons after all!

Some battles you win and others you lose, but what matters is that you work things out in the end and that you achieve the greatest gift of all, finding that one true love that makes everything else pale in comparison.

Maybe you were expecting something more Klignon than human. But what can I say? When everything is said and done and we remove our Klingon heads, underneath it all we are still human and everyone needs to fall in love at least once and live to tell the tale.
K'tallia and Krikor
At Toronto Trek, on Saturday July 8, 2006, Krikor and I were married in a Klingon Wedding Ceremony.

On Saturday July 22, 2006 at 3:30pm in the afternoon Krikor and I will
be wed in a human wedding. Our wedding will be held at St. Jude's Church in Scarborough, Ontario. We welcome friends to join us on our magical day.

- L. Major K'tallia sutai jechwI'
Scarlet Shield Quadrant Commander
KAG: Crimson Knight Fleet
[email protected]