Issue #71
Summer 2006


Trek Memories

For many Sci-Fi fans, two words conjure up a lifetime of adventure and fantasy. Star Trek. Some legends die hard. Two words that may bring many memories to some are looked upon with ridicule and mockery by others.

For instance, legendary names: Hulk Hogan, one man who tens of thousands revere still brings a smirk to the mugs of others. Terry Hulk Hogan did a Sci-Fi film called suburban Commando, a comedy that never really went far in the Box Office. Another Sci-Fi flick was Galaxy Quest with another legendary TV star, Tim Allen, which again didn't do much even though it co-starred Sigourney Weaver and Alan Rickman.

So we turn to Star Trek, a series that began in the 1960's and has had a life that brought American television viewers from "Where no man has Gone before" to the edge of their seats and back again. Just when the Sci-Fi haters thought the end was near, the creators came up with a new frontier to explore. Just when it seemed the latest Trek series was doomed by sinking ratings brought on by the same old same old. There arrived the reintroduction of the Klingon angle.

Like a relief Pitcher in the nick of time, or the cavalry in an old western the arrival of the Klingon angle brought a certain rush of adrenaline to each series, breathing new life into the show. Like Hulk Hogan whenever things looked bad with a wave of his right hand seemed to summon Herculean strength empowered by the crowed inspired to try harder always or almost always rose up to prevail over that week's bad guys.
So it went, somehow the viewer's fascination with Klingons always brought the ratings back from their tailspin. The good ship Enterprise sailed off on yet another adventure.

Unfortunately for Trek fans the latest series Enterprise lasted but a brief span and has gone the way of shows like the Lone Ranger and Gilligan's Island. They were fun while they lasted but are now relegated to some obscure cable network.

For fans of Trek there is good news, There is a new movie on the way, which rumors say will be about James T Kirk and Mr. Spock during their stint as cadets at Star Fleet academy. Sorry, I don't see Klingons saving this Sci-Fi flick. I will spend the seven bucks or whatever to see it because I am a fan of Sci-Fi, but I will say right here and now that I am going with a very skeptical mind. I can't imagine William Shatner playing Kirk some sixty years earlier, and I'd puke if they tried to get some dope like Brad Pitt to play academy aged Kirk. Although I could see Hollywood's concept now, Brad Pitt as Kirk and Johnny Depp as Spock.

One saving grace is the new blood that will be involved in this production will be none other than JJ Abrams of LOST fame. The hottest series on TV. Abrams is the master of surprises, and his staff and cast are brilliant. So I hold out hope that the Trek trip down memory lane won't be a colossal disappointment.

If you have an interest in Sci-Fi there are many websites available to get your fill: is dedicated completely to LOST. There are Trek fan websites where you may find more information about local clubs. The following are dedicated to Klingon fandom in KAG's Wild Frontier Quadrant

The Wild Frontier Quadrant Web Site:
WFQ Yahoo group:
IKV Astris (Wild Frontier Quadrant Flagship).
IKV Peerless:
IKV Shadow's Edge:
Camp Khitomer:

As you explore these I would just remind you of the parting statement from Mr Spock,.."Live long and prosper"

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