Issue #71
Summer 2006


Wild Frontier Quadrant

Have Star Trek fans taken the time to muse over such things as which Star Trek species would throw the best dinner parties? I may well have the answer for you right now: the Klingons!

What dinner party would be complete without food, song, and drink? The best parties I remember during my life featured a little bit of each. One Christmas I'll always remember had me at my friend's house until 3 am that night singing Christmas carols, eating and having a little bit of wine earlier in the evening. Laughter resounded through the house as we ate, sang, and laughed.

I often note the somber expression of the Federation starships' mess halls as compared to the Klingon battle cruiser's mess halls. The battle cruiser's mess hall is full of laughter, light teasing, food, singing and drink. Now, if you were invited to a dinner party aboard either ship, which one would YOU accept? I know I would accept the invitation to enjoy a party aboard the Klingon ship.

WFQ logoSome News from around the Quadrant:

The IKV Shadow's Edge has been active in a new and exciting adventure called geocaching. It is a fun adventure and a way to challenge those navigational skills!

Camp Khitomer's website has been updated.

The IKV Astris is continuing to donate magazines for the Veterans' Hospital in Leeds, Massachusetts.

The IKV Peerless has been increasing their recruitment efforts.

Plans for November's United Fan Con are underway. These plans involve all of the WFQ's ships.

Lt. Qat'Iy vestai-K'olSoh'hn
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