Issue #71
Summer 2006


Crimson Knight Fleet

First, off, I want to apologize if this missive is not up to my usual standards of eloquence. If you have read the article by the Scarlet Shield Quadrant Commander, you will know that I have other things on my mind lately. By the time this Mindscanner is released, K'tallia and I will be days away from a real-life wedding. And while I couldn't be happier about that, it does prove to be a bit distracting when one is trying to deal with fannish matters.

So! Other than our impending nuptials, what has been going on in the fleet lately? Well, it would be no exaggeration to say I am very excited about some new developments that hopefully will lead to new growth for the fleet. The Crimson Knight Fleet recently launched the ILV Bloodstone, our first ship in New Brunswick. The Maritime Provinces is an area we had not ever had ships in before, and one long thought to be an impregnable stronghold of another Klingon club.

Not only that, but the Captain of this new ship, Candock, is already proving to be a valuable addition to the fleet. As of Toronto Trek, she has taken on the responsibilities of Force Recon Officer for her quadrant, as well as IXL Quadrant Commandant. In addition, she has volunteered to revive our long-dormant fleet newsletter. Here is the announcement of the newsletter in her own words:

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Let it be known that the Crimson Knight Fleet now has a newsletter due out mid-September. I am honored to be the fleet's newsletter editor.

With this appointment, I hope to provide the Crimson Knight Fleet with a newsletter that gives a truly Canadian perspective on KAG. This newsletter is for the fleet, put together by the fleet. Let's make this newsletter be the envy of all fleet newsletters.

Legionnaire Lieutenant [now L. Captain] Candock tai-jechwI'

Not bad for a Ferengi female, eh?

In addition to developments in New Brunswick, there have been other auspicious signs, but at this stage it is too early to tell how they will develop. Suffice to say that I am confident of new growth for the fleet.

And what else have we been up to? As usual, we have been crazy with events around here. I only recenly got caught up on AERs for May and June; in those two months, members of the CKF were present at two conventions, marched in two parades, and assisted at four charity events. As a result of all of this activity, I recently picked up my one hundredth battle notch since the launch of the CKF in 2001. And the calendar for the future looks just as busy (with a short break later this month for a human "honeymoon").

That's it for now; when next I address you all, I will be permanently off the market (sorry ladies ).

Col. Krikor zantai-jechwI'
(Krikor Ajemian)
Crimson Knight Fleet Commander, KAG
[email protected]