Mindscanner Issue #76
Spring 2009

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by Qob!

Qob! One of the aspects of being in this Klingon business for 15 years is that you see great costumes and interpretations of what a Klingon is and bad ones. A legendary bad try I remember involved using Nestle's Quik for make up. But the things that seem very common in the best of Klingons are these:

1)They never think they are doing the best job possible. They are always trying to get better
2) They aren't afraid to display themselves
3) They are honest with themselves

Lursa outfitOK that will take some explanation. Recently a master costumer, Rae Lundquist and I got together to build our best shot at doing Klingon. It turned out pretty well. We did an interpretation of Lursa. But both she and I are perfectionists, so we immediately saw what we had failed at, all the while we got OMGs! from all concerned. We simultaneously saw we had done good, but saw every flaw in what we had done. But as I walked around the con with "Lursa" we ran into an old friend of ours who has been working on his Klingon costume for as long as I could remember. He still hasn't shown up with an attempt. That is important, you have to take your shot. I remember consoling a young cosplayer after her first masquerade when she was nitpicking herself down,  "At least you got up there, that's more than most of the audience here can say." You have to take your shot. You have to get your Kling-on and go out there and try. I look at the first costumes and makeups I did and cringe. But I wasn't afraid to go out there and find out what worked and what didn't.

Remember, you are a member of an elite group, the Klingon Assault Group, the best and brightest are your brethren. We want you to succeed and are confident that you will. You are Klingon, nothing less than the best will satisfy you! Don't be afraid to go out and fail, the only way you win shine is to go out there. Go out there with confidence! But be honest. see what you aren't doing well, and take constructive criticism. You have a 20 year legacy to live up to and we have every confidence that you will bring glory and honor to us.

And that is important not just in costuming, but in life in general and fandom in particular. Fulfill the first rule of KAG, Have fun! You want your ship to grow? Well if you are visibly having fun and creating the Klingon experience, you will naturally grow.

Costuming by Dreamstitcher <[email protected]>
Makeup by Qob! <[email protected]>
Uniform modeled by Amada