Mindscanner Issue #76
Spring 2009

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By the Seat of Your Pants

What do you get when you fly by the seat of your pants? TORN PANTS! But that's the Klingon approach of doing things: Cast aside fear and doubt, and seize the vision of Glory!

Don't miss the chance to live in the moment.  And don't get me wrong... Planning is a good thing.  But the real baptism by fire is discovering how gracefully you roll with the punches. Adventure isn't about filling a preplanned itinerary; It's about embracing the new and unexpected, and growing stronger from learning what will not kill us.

For starters, change your oil.  Seriously!  This bit of preventative maintenance may cost a hundred or two per year, but will spare you thousands in damaging wear when you start your journeys.  There is untold joy in venturing to distant lands to meet your Klingon kindred... and greater untold joy of caravaning together with them, which doubles the excitement of being under each other's watchful gaze.  But change your oil, because all that fun ends abruptly if you burn out an engine from negligent maintenance.  Travel has a calculated risk that when kept small leads to incalculable treasure! Clean oil and fresh coolant are all part of the wet and slippery workings that keep an engine happy.

New vinyl has that fresh car smell... but for those of us who cannot afford fancy new threads, it may be time to wash the old ones.  Most vinyl tunics can be washed with water and laid flat to dry.  I've used Woolite in my own hair (at a party, to see if it glows under blacklight, which it almost does), and I'd trust all my delicates to that!  And a little Febreze goes a long way. Smelly sweat can be removed from the latex interior of headpieces with soap and water.  Most importantly: rinse well.

We're aliens, and that's how we roll. Fearless encounters and graceful ad libs are the finest test and showcase of our personality.  Our showmanship is our hallmark. Let's show the world the Joy of Living Klingon... Hamming it up adds to the fun.

Who ever said the pants you tear must be your own? :-)

- KwISt