Mindscanner Issue #72
Summer 2007

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Cold Revenge Quadrant

K'AllenOnce again the CRQ has been busy doing things and promoting Klingondom in general. On several occasion, ships have come together to conquer all in their path. Conventions, Orchestras, Paintball, and bat'letHs...I know y'all are jealous now.

IKV Bayou Serpent - Ri'Par sent this in:
The IKV Bayou Serpent has had a very busy year, as always. In April we hosted the 4th installment of Venom Wars, our Klingon paintball war. This year we even supplied our first brewed bloodwine. Just a couple of weeks later we attended our first con in Jackson, MS and hung out with many stars from Voyager, TNG, and Enterprise and did a little recruiting for KAG as well. We've had 3 "Good Day To Dine" events and best of all, several TV and radio spots in the Dallas/Fort Worth area thanks to an invite from the IKV Melota of Dallas. Since the last Mindscanner we've had 2 new warriors complete their uniforms with a 3rd in the process and a promotion for myself to Commander. We still have at least one more con to attend this year, possibly two. We also have plans to attend the Melota's bat'leth tournament this fall, and this is just what we have PLANNED at present! The IKV Bayou Serpent is still baring its teeth and making its presence known all over KAG!

Upcoming Bayou Serpent events:
-Aug 4, the IKV Bayou Serpent will be attending BabelCon in Baton Rouge, LA. We will also be the Honor Guard of Chancellor Gowron (Robert O'Reilly) for that event.
-Around Holloween, I and my wife Torsha are expecting the arrival of our own bouncing baby Klingon. It is a boy and his real name will be Kahless Shane-Lee Carnahan (guess what his Klingon name will be???)

Commander Ri'Par sutai-bortaS

IKV Melota:
-Traveled to Louisiana to compete in both Venom War 3 & 4.
- Hosted their annual Fall Tournament. Awards are as follows:
Promotion: Squeeze to Lt. Cdr., QuadComm presiding
Klingon of the Year: Squeeze
Win: Gizmo
Place: KartoQ
Show: Ripar
Batleth: Gizmo
Mekleth: KartoQ
DaQtag: KartoQ
First Blood: Gizmo
First Broken Weapon: Gizmo (and it was his own loaned to his opponent)
Longest Distance: IKV Bayou Serpent
Order of Kamin: Salek and Squeeze as a couple
Presented by Dragen as Krell's proxy.
-Annual Christmas party and Ferengi Gift Exchange
-Dallas Symphony Orchestra promotion of "The Music of Star Trek".  Joint AERs are here http://www.janissaries.net/ikvmelota/AER_DSO_07.htm
- Participated in the Starfleet Region III Summit running the "Jail and Bail"

MAV VeStargh
Once again the crew of the VeStargh attended All-Con, no word if Sorgh continued the tradition of killing Kenny!!!
Sorgh also assisted at the Starfleet Region III Summit helping with the Auction and entertaining the Feddies at dinner with glorious tales of Assassinations and Klingon table etiquette.

Lone Star Warrior's Association
(I wrongly stated in last issue that the "Good Day to Dine" was the Melota's its really the Lone Star Warrior's Assoc.)
LSWA hosted their "Good Day to Dine". One on Dec. 31, 2006 at Olive Garden, the next one April 2007 at Riglea Movie Tavern.

Upcomming Events:
-Aug 4, BabelCon www.babelcon.org Baton Rouge, LA. Chancellor Gowron, Robert O'Reilly will be guest and the IKV Bayou Serpent will be his Honor Guard. If you are in the area, you need to be there.
-IKV Melota Fall Tourney. the date/location is TBA
-IKV Bayou Serpent's Venom War 5, date is TBA, location is my house.

Lt.Cmdr. K'Allen vestai-bortaS
Commanding Officer, Cold Revenge Quadrant
[email protected]