Mindscanner Issue #72
Summer 2007

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Scarlet Shield Quadrant

K'Tallia Warriors, listen up! YOU can take on more honor and glory for yourself and your House! Step up to the plate and organize an event. If even a feddie is able to do this thing, how difficult can it be?

As an example, here are some guidelines on how to organize your fellow-members to attend an event:

1. Gather as much info as you can about the event (and write it down).
2. Well ahead of the event, post the info to the appropriate yahoo groups.
3. Email the info to the webmaster of the Fleet website
4. Call or email Ship Captains, the Quadrant Commander, and individual crewmembers with the info, and ask if they're interested in attending.
5. Follow up with everyone a week or two later, as a reminder.
6. A few days before the event, post a reminder to the yahoo groups.

In addition, you will need to make arrangements with the event’s hosts (charities, parades, restaurants etc), depending on the nature of that event.

It may seem like a lot to handle, but it's not as difficult as it might seem to make an event work but if you follow all the above steps, the
result is one kick-ass event and the bonus is you get a strategy mark for it.

Get out there and create, organize, execute! If not you, who? If not now, when? Don't leave this task to 'command' alone. Step up and take a shot at it. This is the stuff that glory is made of!


L. Lt. Colonel K'tallia sutai jechwI'
Scarlet Shield Quadrant Commander
KAG: Crimson Knight Fleet
[email protected]