Issue #67
Spring 2004



The New MeWhy is this club different from all others?

    I've been in the Klingon Assault Group for over 10 years and have seen it change quite a bit.  I've seen dictators come and go and seen the changes made by KuurIIs and Khatal, and others. I've tried to describe to people what KAG has become. KAG is a confederation of the individual ships, groups of friends united in their common love of things Klingon.

    "That government is best which governs least"  Many clubs feel that they need to regulate the behaviour of how each ship works, KAG doesn't. The leaders of KAG lead by being examples of Klingonness and by encouraging people to find the way to be Klingy.

    Now you may ask, what in Kahless' name are the guidelines for? Well they are mostly guidelines you know. There always needs to be, in any club, an agreement of what the club is.  In KAG that's embodied in the name and the 5 rules. We are Klingons, we are agressive  (Assault) and for all our chaos, we are a Group.

    The most important rule in KAG is the first one: have fun!!  If you aren't having fun, you're doing it wrong. When it stops being fun, you need to step back as many people, myself included, have done through the years

    No Live steel! This is an outgrowth of rule #1, it's pretty hard to have fun when you have a knife in your ribs.

    Make no treaties or alliances! We don't want other clubs telling us how to act and we don't need to share their problems. The great temptation for  local groups is to try to "hook-up" with other local groups they perceive as 'better' than them.  Just say no.

    Don't embarrass KAG!  well duh! In practice, short of getting arrested in your uniform with a KAG banner this is pretty tough, but the idea is that you are our representative, if people get the idea that KAGsters are theiving pedophiles from the way you act.... Do the math yourself.

    The Thought Admiral makes the rules!  Amazingly, we haven't had any additional rules in the 15 years of KAG. That's because Kris, KurrIIs and Khatal each recognized that to inspire creative people you need to point them in the right way and LET THEM GO.

    Whenever we lose this focus on who we are, and try to be Starfleet rulemongers or to make KAG reflect too closely human military structures, we start to die. When we just obey rule #1 everything works.

Admiral Qob zantai-Hurric
Cold Death Quadrant Commander
<[email protected]>