Issue #67
Spring 2004



Kerla of the House MaHcha The northern reaches of the Cold Terror Fleet are beginning to stir to the mild breezes of Spring......the season of conquest! The southern reaches, enjoying a milder climate, have been continuously busy.

Warriors in Cold Death Quad are watching the ice go out of the local lakes and sharpening their batleths for the coming year. The IKV Qibqul in Wisconsin are in the midst of a  re-organization and are just generally having fun.

JaPa and the Black Thunder in Iowa are poised to make a big splash at Demicon. JaPa has always been one of the finest metal workers in the fleet and is now adding con-safe batleths to his arsenal.

In Minnesota, Qe'pa and the RakeHell, fresh off their triumph at Marscon with their 'K.L.A.S.H.' party (Klingon Light Armored Surgical Hospital), and their skit, 'One Death to Die' are busily planning for CONvergence and their 10th anniversary celebration. The next episode of Battleship Vengeance is in pre-production and filming is scheduled to begin this summer.

In Cold Revenge Quad, the IKV Melota and IKV VeStargh in Texas are busily preparing for their next Batleth Tournament. These twice-yearly tournaments.....three days of camping and partying, of beer, batleth, bonfire, bloodwine, and ceremonies....draw attendance from several states. The upcoming Spring Tournament, their eleventh, will introduce new 'non-combat' events such as bow-shoot, spear throwing, knife and tomahawk throw, and paintball duel, in addition to the traditional batleth, mekleth and daq'tag combats.   They will also be hosting Shootout in Bowie 2 (SOB II) this year in Bowie, Texas.... paintball, roasted targ (real targ.... Arkansas razorback) and lotsa testosterone. This event also draws attendance from out of state.

An outgrowth of the ships' focus on competitions is that several crewmembers have started a small business making medals and trophies.  The Melota has available videos, CD's and DVD's of the Tournament action and batheth training. To acquire these, contact <[email protected]> for details.

While they weren't busy bashing each other with batleths, these ships of the Rogue Squadron raised $1000 wrapping Christmas presents, which they donated to the Arlington Women's Shelter. Future plans in the works include: Zoo Day in 'class B uniforms' (ship's T-shirts)... riding the local trains to get there, adopting a highway median, and working on new ships' logos.

This Fall the IKV Deliverence in Arkansas will be hosting 'Deliverance III', a weekend paintball and batleth combat event. The Deliverance events are renowned for bonfires that can be seen from orbit.

In Louisiana, the IKV Bayou Serpent has collected 42 pints of blood from 3 blood drives so far this year. Last year's total was 207 pints or 25.9 gallons. Since the last issue of Mindscanner they had a full  Klingon wedding between Ship CO K'Allen vestai-bortaS and Helm Officer Torsha tai-bortaS which was covered by a local newspaper. Future plans include another relay for the American Cancer Society. Also in the works are two national TV appearances.

New to Cold Terror Fleet are Outpost Terranicus Pevang in Aransas Pass, Texas; Gateway Station in St. Louis, Missouri; and the IKV ChargwI' in Gallipolis, Ohio.

All around the Fleet, the Season of Conquest is gearing up. KAG's Warriors are honing their weapons and making ready for the coming  challenges and joys of BATTLE!

Admiral Kerla zantai-MaHcha'
For Cold Terror Fleet
<[email protected]>