Issue #67
Spring 2004


For the Demon Fleet

It's that time of year again, the plants are budding, flowers are sprouting, the weather's getting warmer, and I'm staring at a computer screen ignoring it all. Ahh spring!

Demon Fleet. That's us.

I suppose you're all wondering what we've been doing?

Well, during the autumn Demon Fleet eats heartily, putting on a thick layer of fat that will last through the winter's hibernation. Then, Demon Fleet seeks out a cozy den, something damp so the mold can grow thick and high during the long sleep. Come spring this mold will provide Demon Fleet's first nutritious and highly hallucinogenic meal.

Then as the ice breaks on the lakes of the northern continent, Demon Fleet emerges from hibernation, ready for spring and the mating season.

And, after eating forty pounds of hallucinogenic fungus, you're all looking pretty good....

C'mere you spider legged wench, and extrude me a little sugar....

Lock up yer small blue polhedrons with bethonged tentacles--'cos Demon Fleet's on the rampage!!!!!

For the Demon Fleet