Issue #67
Spring 2004


From NorQuad

    Long before joining KAG and starting the IKV Fist of Kahless in upstate New York, I helped run an online gaming guild for a few years in the 90's.  During that time I saw some of the older members lose interest and drift away.  Sometimes they'd regain interest, sometimes not.  The head honcho at the time always wanted to cut them from the membership rolls after a month of inactivity.  I thought it was foolishly short-sighted and wasteful of personnel then and feel much the same way now.
    Long time members shouldn't be devalued because they aren't playing as much anymore. They're full of experience that will be useful to new members. If they can be enticed to come out even once per year we are richer for it.  
    I'd love it if every member of KAG was really active, but devaluing the contributions of the less active doesn't help anyone. If we make the less active long-time members feel like they are wanted and welcome, maybe they'll start being more active, maybe not.  Either way, with the lines of communication open we can learn from them.
Lt. Cmdr. Jag vestai-MaHcha'
Norquad Commanding Officer
CO Fist of Kahless
<[email protected]>