MindScanner #56
GalactiCon Challenge 

From: Lt.Col Kasak sutai-Septariq
Shaughn O'Connor <[email protected]>
Fencer Dark Phoenix Quad
Commander IKV Rogue Phoenix

Subspace Communications to all Quadrants of the Klingon Assault Group

Greetings to all Warriors of KAG. Galacticon KAG Spring Break will be held in Chattanooga Tennessee on March 31st through April 2, 2000. This convention has been the home of KAG

Spring Break for a number of years. It was the site of the retirement of the Epetai (John Halvorson), who passed the baton to Kuuriis epetai-Qaaluhr (Jack Borkowski), the newly promoted Thought Admiral of KAG. The next Galacticon is going to be even more dedicated to KAG and the Klingon way.

We would like to bring Chancellor Gowron (Robert O'Rielly) or one of the other Klingon Guests to Galacticon. As you know this takes money. Galacticon is a non-profit organization, which means that all monies raised goes to paying for convention expenses. The board members are not compensated in any way. Now that I have filled you in on the reasons for this challenge I will get to the heart of the matter.

It's up to us, the membership of KAG, if we have a celebrity guest at Galacticon 2000. I challenge each ship in KAG to raise funds for this worthy endeavor. My ship the IKV Rogue Phoenix, of the Dark Phoenix Quadrant, Dark Moon Fleet will start out with an initial donation of $20.00 to the cause.

If we raise enough money we could have more than one guest. The ship that raises the most money will choose five of their own ship's crew to serve as Gowron's personal Honor Guard for the weekend. These five lucky Klingons will receive free memberships to Galacticon 2000, and will also join Gowron for a personal Banquet on Friday and Saturday evenings in full Klingon regalia. Remember that this depends on You, the membership of KAG, time is short we must act soon to retain the best guests.

Donations can be sent to John Tackett, 1905 Broad Ave, East Point, GA 30344. Make all checks and money orders payable to "Galacticon Celebrity Fund". All donations must be received no later than February 29, 2000 so the winning ship can be notified and will have ample time to choose their five members who will serve as Gowron's Honor Guard and be able to make travel arrangements to Galacticon 2000. Ship standings will be posted and updated as the challenge progresses, on the Galacticon website at


May your death be a glorious one. Qapla'

Artwork by Amy C P Nelson