MindScanner #56
Have Klingon - Will Travel
by Charles Smith <[email protected]>

Looking for some adventure in the Empire? If you have a computer and a internet connection, you should really think about stopping by "Duras's Sister's Alien Pub of Sin" located at Yahoo.com It's got great stories, lots of RPG action and quite a few HOT topics. And the pictures, WOW you should see the pictures, there's one with this female Klingon lying on a beach with nothing more than a Bat'legh in front of her. I LOVE art!

Especially Klingon ART!

No computer? Then plan on going to BeachBash99 in October of this year! It started as a party and turned into one of the fastest growing FAN Cons of the year. Klingons and other Trek Fans from all parts of several countries are coming. I personally can't wait to see the Exotic dancers or the exotic swimwear contest. Three days of great partying, wonderful food and right on the ocean, man what a way to relax! (Klingon style that is!)

Feast of the Long Night is coming in December, with one fantastic lodge, surrounded by not one, but two lakes. It's got great people, great food, wild paryting, a wonderful wish tree ceremony that takes place. It's sort of a pre Christmas kind of thing, with those Klingons that show up, sharing wonderful fellowship of being a Trek fan and being Klingon.

There's lots more...all you have to do is look. Want to know more? Well sit right down and write me a letter or drop me a line to [email protected]

If you like you can send snail mail to:

Kijo Smith, 906 Bostian Dr, Fayetteville NC 28304

"Kijo's quick Movie Review"

If you go see a movie this weekend, look for The 13th Warrior, if Klingons were human, they'd be Vikings! This move has action from start to finish, with lots of swords, wild fighting scenes, epic battles, and great looking actors for all you Klingon women out there!

"NET Battle Mania"

You're a Klingon looking to test your warrior skills, but there's no one around willing to let you hack them up, or hunt them down while you charge their fortress. Well fret no more. If you have a computer, and an Internet connection, all you need now is a copy of Quake II, and HEAT.NET. Heat is one of the fastest growing multi player gaming sites in the world. With easy to install player interface, and lots of hot battle action, it's no wonder why Klingons down south can be found gaining honor and glory for the empire by battling it out on one of the best Quake II sites in the world. I'm taking about Canada Red VS USA Blue. This place is full of danger around every corner, enemy warriors just looking to make a name with your blood and guts. But if you are fast, and can think while shooting you too can gain honor and glory for the empire.

BTW Heat.Net is FREE!!!