Issue #83
Summer 2012


The 35th Occasional Doo Dah Parade


Perhaps you've looked down at the pictures before you've read this part.   Maybe you're thinking "What the...????"

OR, you're reading this first, and then will look at the pictures. Right.

I lead a batch of STAR TREK fans in the Los Angeles area, and we dress up as Klingons, THE bad guys of the show. (The show when it was good...and had bad Klingons. Which was good.)  We recently dressed up and marched in the Doo Dah Parade in East Pasadena on April 28th,  with my pal Marty's scooter decked out as a Klingon scoutship.


Check out KAJ, XO of the IKV KARNAGE based in Phoenix (Zebariah Young, of Arizona City, AZ). A most excellent Klingon -- good sense of humor, pleasant with damned reporters, and as he's from Arizona, can handle the 90 degree heat.

Another plus factor for Original Series garb.

So we're thinking of doing the parade again next year, and want to make a second miniaturized scooter/float thing, looking like a Klingon BattleCruiser.     See picture below the pictures below:

And, there's this picture, with K'BOB behind KEG on the Budgie-of-Prey.   I need to ask KODAK if he lucked out with this photo, or if he waited and composed it.