Issue #83
Summer 2012


Report From Dark Moon Fleet

Hail Warriors,

Dark Moon Fleet is growing by leaps and bounds. Thanks to everyone's hard work to make this happen.

I have appointed two Warriors as my Special Staff. One is Lt. Cmdr. Gortok sutai-QIHqem, Dark Star Quadrant Commander. He will be monitoring the Dark Moon Fleet Facebook page, adding new members as needed, and communicating with me regularly regarding the page. The second is IXL Colonel Keela zantai-Septaric, Legate of KAG's IXL. She will have the same tasks, but with the Dark Moon Fleet Yahoogroup. If you need to contact me, please do so through these Warriors.

I would like to offer congratulations for the recent promotions in Dark Star Quadrant: Honorific increase for GORTOK of the IKV GRAND INQUISITOR from vestai to sutai; rank increase for K'TROK from Lt. vestai to Lt. Cmdr. vestai; and rank increase for K'LARA from IXL Captain vestai to IX Major vestai. They are the CO and XO of the IKV RESTLESS STAR, respectively. I would also like to offer congratulations for a recent promotion in Dark Vengeance Quadrant. KAITH of House Rustaz of the IKV DEVISOR was promoted to Lt. Cmdr. vestai. Also to those who have armored up for their first event and now are commissioned officers of the KAG . . . Congratulations! And welcome to all our new recruits who were given Lance Corporal rank. I look forward to seeing you move up in rank, as you complete your uniforms.

I recently sent out ship streamers to all the Quadrant Commanders of Dark Moon Fleet. These are incentives to reward your ships' activity levels. Also, remember there are Fleet streamers and Convention streamers. Fleet streamers are given out by me at a major con for the ship in the Dark Moon Fleet with the most activity, growth, etc. Convention streamers are given out at major conventions to the ship with overall the most armored attendees, hardest working warriors, room party hosts, etc.

The Fleet streamer recipients are determined by me. The Convention streamer recipients are determined by command officers at the convention. The highest ranking officer at the event is the presenter of these streamers. So work hard, Warriors, and earn the glory of a streamer to add to your ship's battle trophies.

There is an upcoming release (July 23) of two episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation for the 25th Anniversary of the series. If you can represent at the theaters where these episodes are being held, that would be good. Also, let's plan now to support the sequel to the new Star Trek re-boot movie coming out May 17, 2013.

Keep up the good work, Dark Moon Fleet!

Admiral Kolex zantai-QIHqem
Dark Moon Fleet CO

[email protected] / Chad Hawkins on Facebook
[email protected] / Leila McMichael on Facebook