Issue #83
Summer 2012


by Keela
[email protected]
The following are pictures from Star Trek (the original series). Star Trek and all related marks and logos are
trademarks of CBS Studios, Inc. No infringement intended.

KOR (John Colicos) from "Errand of Mercy" was the first Klingon ever seen. The episode aired March 23, 1967. The Klingon Days of Honor are usually set the weekend closest to this date. Notice Kor's dark, Mongolian appearance, black turtleneck, gold striped sleeveless vest and shimmering gold honor sash. Though his ridges were robbed from him by the Augment DNA, he still sports a noble forehead upon which are perched Klingon eyebrows.

KOLOTH (William Campbell) from the "Trouble with Tribbles" episode which aired December 29, 1967. Notice the less swarthy appearance, but neatly manicured beards on the proud faces of the command staff. They also must have had a stronger dose of Augment DNA, as their eyebrows are so . . . huMan. Notice the appearance of rank pins on the shirts of both officers.

Mara and KANG (Michael Ansara) from the "Day of the Dove" which was broadcast November 1, 1968

Kang is regally attired in Classic Klingon command garb. His face is more like Kor's with the same Klingon eyebrows, while his crew appears to have more huMan Augment appearances.Yes Mara's forehead is smooth, but she is still a beautiful Klingon woman . . . wery beautiful. Notice the medals on the garments have changed location and appearance. The honor sash remains the same. This episode is the first time we saw a Klingon female and the beautiful jumpsuit costuming she wore. Below is a closeup of the original garment. Below that are both the female and male costumes on display.

If you are an enterprising seamstress or tailor, you can try your hand at making the female costume. I have seen the male costume on Klingon Warrioresses and it looks very good. Notice that most of the material in the jumpsuit is the same fabric found in the tunic worn by the males.

Later these three honorable, aging warriors -- Kor, Koloth and Kang -- were re-united in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's "Blood Oath" episode. Their noble ridges had been restored, either thanks to Klingon stem cell research to counteract the effects of the human Augment DNA or cranial plastic surgery. Only their hairdresser knows for sure.