Mindscanner Issue #80
Summer 2011




As all good Klingons know, it takes five members to make a KAG ship.  From there, no two ships are alike, as each local/regional ship has different likes and needs.  Some are geared towards conventions, others crave batleth battles, while others prefer service towards their communities.  Delightful diversity from the Klingon Empire. 
Who knew???

So here's a bit about the IKV DARK SUN, the vessel that I do my "research" with.   We keep things simple, avoiding most of the usual Klingon stylings such as ranks and honorifics.  We have little use for rituals, be they weddings, death howls, or discommendations (which we do NOT do in the KLINGON ASSAULT GROUP).  

We've found it's more fun to play the BAD GUYS (antagonists), than to be the boring GOOD GUY'S (protagonist's) grunting and goofy best friend.   Starfleet?  No thanks and screw that.  The place for most fans.  Not for us.

We operate as old-school Klingons--raw, determined, sarcastic, tempered with humor.  However, the public we encounter pretty much expects to see the Imperial "look"...so we'll slap on the heads and armor.  (We DO have TOS vests and weapons--which are for Sundays at conventions.)    The IKV DARK SUN is becoming known for our black cloaks. The Los Angeles area is a friggin' wilderness, and to spread the Klingon "word", we've taken a page from the Jesuit missionaries who came into the early United States.  The natives called them "The Black Robes".  

KPrice is RightOne of our practice projects has been gearing up for a trip to the game show, THE PRICE IS RIGHT.  Cute models... My good pal K'Bob has been working with me on translating the show's name into Klingonaase, into the appropriate lettering, and finally putting all this into THE PRICE IS RIGHT logo.  Should be quite distinctive on T-Shirts.  Kai K'Bob!

2011 is KAG's 22nd year.  Hooray!!!  To celebrate this, the IKV DARK SUN will send out a D7 Battlecruiser patch to the first 250 or so who send us a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope).  One per "customer", and NO FREE SAMPLES. Those of you in Canada or further out (!) send us a dollar for postage.  Oh--- no SASE, no patch...so no cheapskates!

Let's beef up our numbers, and keep on building strong KAG ships!!   HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!


John Halvorson
5624 Fair Ave  111
North Hollywood CA 91601

[email protected]