Mindscanner Issue #76
Spring 2009

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A Victim of Force Projection

Ri'Par Warriors, I'd like to talk to about a swift and devastating attack against the IKV Bayou Serpent.  I'm talking about 'Force Projection'.  No, it's not a teaching aid used by the Jedi but an effective way to draw other Trek groups out to 'play'.

'Force Projection' is actually a Terran military term that means "to implement policy by means of force, or the threat thereof, in an area distant from its own territory".

We weren't ever threatened, but we were attacked in the fall of 2004 by members of the IKV Melota and IKV Qin Vagh...but it was a good thing.  For years the IKV Bayou Serpent was an active vessel doing parades, blood drives and all sorts of charity events.  But in our area only, and that's just fine.  There were no other Klingons in our area and the one feddie vessel was typical feddie and never did anything but hold meetings.

Not knowing what we were missing, we were content to do events alone. We were contacted a few times by the DFW Klingons about coming out to their bat'leth tournament, but Dallas is a 4 hour drive.

They told us "Throw an event that's worth the drive and we'll be there."  Paintball was a favorite of our crew and it WAS a form of battle so we decided to hold the first Venom Wars paintball war in the fall of 2004.  It was at this time that we became a victim of force projection.

We had planned a night game and had a few ice chests full of Terran brew...that should be enough right?  Nope.  Four DFW guys showed up with more weapons, flags and banners that we had ever seen.  They brought homemade brew and bloodwine to sample and DVD's of their events.
Our actual game didn't last all that long, instead we talked about how they put on an event. They weren't trying to tell us how to do things but rather show us something different and hopefully excite us enough to come visit them for their bat'leth tournament that was about a month away.
We drank, howled and laughed late into the night and also made some strong friendships.

A few of us did make it to their bat'leth tournament but initially it was to return the favor of them coming to see us.  After seeing what can only be described as their 'production' of a bat'leth tournament we were hooked. We now had a group of friends to play with and share ideas with, rather than stagnate in our own yards.  We conquered new territory with our new brothers and sisters.

On their next trip to Venom Wars they were surprised to see we had borrowed some of their ideas and had a 'production' of our own. This time we weren't sitting on ice chests around a Coleman lantern.  We had a full blown ceremony in full uniform.  The paintball wars were just an excuse to get people to come.

The real fun is the fellowship.

Enough with the story.
A huge production isn't everyone's cup of Tarkalean tea, but force projection is something to consider seriously. Make the first move and go visit the closest ship for their events.  You could make new friendships and get ideas you hadn't thought of.  It can breathe new life into your ship and quadrant. KAG's biggest rule is 'Have Fun'...SO DO IT!

Cmdr Ri'Par sutai-bortaS
Cold Terror Fleet XO
IKV Bayou Serpent CO
Ship's Brewer
[email protected]