Mindscanner Issue #72
Summer 2007

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Cold Death Quadrant

Sqo'tty MacKlingonThe ships of the Cold Death Quadrant have been very active during the past several months.

The 2007 event season kicked off with MarsCon, which was attended by both the IKV Rakehell and IKV Warhammer.  The Rakehell threw an excellent room party and much fun was had by all, despite the lower than usual turnout that resulted from a snow storm that rolled in on Friday.  That storm cut the route for many far travelers to the con. Report at: http://www.kowabunga.org/kagcdq/index.php?title=Marscon_2007

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the original broadcast of the first Klingon Episode of Trek, Mordokk played host at MiniCon to a "Day of Honor
" party.  This was more of a social event with a viewing of some TOS episodes (we had some technical difficulties with the DVD player). Report at: http://www.kowabunga.org/kagcdq/index.php?title=Day_of_Honor%2C_2007

The IKV Rakehell also fielded a team at the Misfits annual Trivia Competition.  The team was lead by Qe'pa, and competed against seven other teams.  We did not win. Report at: http://www.kowabunga.org/kagcdq/ index.php?title=Misfits_Trivia_Contest%2C_2007

The Black Thunder has been active in Iowa with DemiCon, and also made the trek up to the Twin Cities to join the Rakehell and Warhammer for the annual fun and mayhem at Convergence.  This is the big event in the area as Convergence has consistently attracted over 2500 fans in the past few years and keeps getting bigger.

The Rakehell put on a performance of "Kaptain Kang's Killer Thriller Theater" to the delight of many con-goers. This fun skit mixed in some video with the stage performance with great effect.

The Warhammer hosted its annual Bat'leth Tournament on Saturday morning of Convergence with a fairly good turn out of participants. Fame, prizes and fortune, well, prizes anyway, were had to the victors.

The Kronos Hunt Klub (aka the Rutting Tribble) was the main evening hangout for the members of the Cold Death Quadrant when we were not raiding other parties, harassing the Romulans or hunting tribbles.  Pictures and a report for the event are at: http://www.kowabunga.org/kagcdq/index.php?title=Convergence_2007

The retaking of Wisconsin is being spearheaded by Robert Poole, working with the local Feddie Marines.  There are some plans for a convention invasion sometime in 2008.  This may result in a large scale deployment of ships from the rest of the quadrant to help get things going in our neighboring state.

 Lt.Cmdr. Sqo'tty sutai-MacKlingon
 Communications Officer and webmaster, Cold Death Quadrant
 [email protected]

Cold Death Quadrant Site v2  

The Cold Death Quadrant website has been completely revamped and revitalized. The base content management system is Mediawiki, the same system used to run Wikipdeia and Memory Alpha.

The site contains some new features including a Mission Muster section to track who is attending which events (which can be used to help with things like ride sharing to events), leveraging the mySQL database to track events and members, with PHP front end programming to generate the content into the website. After Event Reports are also being featured on the new site.

New to the site is a Klingon Warrior Haiku, which was recently added; submissions of Klingon Haiku are welcome from all who aspire to be Klingon Warriors.
My bat’leth is sharp,
my disruptor is ready,
let’s kick Feddie butt!
Lt. Cmdr Sqo'tty sutai-MacKlingon