Mindscanner Issue #72
Summer 2007

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ELINT: Second Life
From the Elint Commander
Captain QatanI’ sutai-DevnoH
(QatanI Damdin in SL)

KAG Standard

Great HallThe Great Hall Embassy was constructed in the land of Moran on the planet SL (SecondLife.com virtual universe). Pictured here.

I, Captain QatanI’ sutai-DevnoH who was the Quadrant Commander of the Dark Phoenix back then when I first entered this online 3D world. I joined the crew of the independent warship (Bird of Prey) IKV Bortas. Once in this world, I lead a five-warrior invasion of a local nightclub to conquer it for the Empire. This place was named Vixen’s Volcano. Aptly named, as it was deep within a volcano as if they thought this would save them from the KAG Empire. The five of us descended upon a Sci-Fi themed dance where we could slip in unnoticed in our uniforms with out bat’leths.

Once in the dance we ascertained our enemies weaknesses only to learn of a powerful Q-like race known as the Lindens. Knowing they had the power of the Q Continuum we felt the invasion would fail and aborted the mission and just danced the night away. I met a creature there named Ganta, was unsure what it was. Later learned it was an attractive she cyborg. Not Borg, cyborg. But I digress.

Upon return to Qo’noS, I reported my findings and was promoted to Elint Commander to learn more of this planet. I commissioned the construction of the Great Hall Embassy and appointed myself as Ambassador to SL from Qo’noS.

From inside the Great Hall I meet with potential new recruits to KAG. The KAG symbol cube in this picture gives a note card with a link to kag.org and a brief detail of why they should consider joining. There is a second, larger KAG cube outside in the land for all to see and find.

This world is indeed amazing and living there is addictive. I feel it is important to caution any warrior that maintaining control over his or her real life and not letting this second life take over is indeed a challenge. If you are not up to the challenge, then stay away… but if you have the metal, then come join me in glory.

QatanIHere is how I appeared in this world originally… My appearance has changed since then and I fell in the battle of hearts to my SL wife Ganta, yes we are now two hearts beating as one… but that is another tale.

From stardate 2006.11.11 when this invasion began up to today where we are now, the name of KAG is spreading. At the GH Embassy, I have added a dance floor to draw in more recruits and a lounge to torture Romulans or pleasure ourselves… come to think of it, where’s the difference?

To answer the questions currently on your mind… What is Second Life? Are there other 3D worlds? Why chose one or the other or any? Second Life is exactly as it sounds, it is a second life, a 3d interactive chat room with people all over the earth. Everything you can do in real life, you can do in second life plus you can fly. There is a Bird of Prey to go aboard, anti-gravity ships to fly, weapons and battlefields… I have a working Disruptor, Disruptor Rifle, a Bat’leth and a Daq’tag. In some areas you can kill or be killed… I have done both. There are at least four or five other 3D worlds out there. Why choose one over the other? Only so we may all be together in the 3D universe. However, there is no reason why you could not join them all. Each one offers a free membership along side a paid one. Want to know more? Contact me at [email protected]


QatanI Damdin – as I am known in SL.