Mindscanner Issue #72
Summer 2007

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Koron-TGreetings Warriors!

  As many of you know, I was recently promoted to Force Recon Commander, replacing Capt. Kalot zantai-tIQwoQ.  I was Capt. Kalot's Executive Officer when he was in office.  Force Recon has changed a lot since Capt. Kalot and I worked together.  Some of the focus has been redirected.   The focus used to be aimed at the ships outside of established fleets, mostly the smaller ships outside of the United States, Canada, Australia, and the individual members that didn't have a ship nearby to join.  That focus has now shifted to helping all new members in what ever way necessary in getting them involved and active.  I will help any member, new or old, in whatever way I can.  All you have to do is ask.

 I am working with Admiral KwISt and Thought Admiral Kerla in getting some new things implemented that will streamline Force Recon, to possibly help in getting new members recruited.  I will be looking into getting the Force Recon web page upgraded, and updated to help with that new focus.  I have discussed adding an automated application form for the members that live in the areas not listed as formal fleets on the main KAG website applications page.  Previously, all they had was an e-mail address for application into KAG.  I want to increase the awareness of what the Klingon Assault Group is to the fans.  I have the old Force Recon brochure, and have been considering updating it for use in recruiting new members.  If any one that has any ideas that may be useful in that endeavor please contact me, it would be greatly appreciated.

 All in all, I see great things in the future for Force Recon and KAG in general.  I know with the cancellation of the Star Trek shows, a lot of the fans have looked else where, and it is our job to bring that focus back.  Force Recon is for all members of KAG.  Though some members are specifically designated as Force Recon Officers, we are all responsible for the recruitment and retention of members.


Cmdr. K'oron sutai-Trekkan
Klingon Assault Group Force Recon Commander
<[email protected]>