Mindscanner Issue #70
Autumn 2005

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Adm Kruge and Cpt Kolex
Dark Moon Fleet CO, Admiral Kruge zantai-DevnoH (left) shown here with Captain Kolex sutai-QIHqem (right)
Hail Warriors,

The Dark Moon Fleet is growing and moving!

Per the Mindscanner, issue #69, Dark Moon Fleet has reason to boast! We have 45 ships! Dark Phoenix Quadrant leads with 20 ships, followed by Dark Star Quadrant with 17. Dark Vengeance Quadrant (in the process of being rebuilt) has four fine vessels, as does the Wild Frontier Quadrant (also being rebuilt). The next highest in KAG is Cold Terror Fleet at 32!

Dark Phoenix Quadrant also launched new ship, the IKAV ThunderCat, a prototype 3-nacell-drive, heavily armed, exploration vessel built by the Talon Family Salvage Yard.  This ship is owned by the Talon Family and on loan to the Empire until she proves herself battle worthy.

The growth in DMF is GLORIOUS! There is not much more to be said than that.

Some of the promotions (Dark Phoenix Quadrant) at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA over the Labor Day weekend were:

For the IKAV Battle Fury (thanks to Lt. Col. j'rel sutai-Kor, CO for this information)
For the IKAV Fek'lhr's Fury / IKAV ThunderCat (thanks to M. Captain Kurin vestai-Talon for this information)
Promotions also include Keela of Dark Star Quadrant to Captain; join with me in congrats to this great Warrior!

I did not get to attend because Romulans attacked my ship under cloak. Enough of that; it will not happen again!

As in most of my reports this is short but to the point.

Admiral Kruge
[email protected]