Mindscanner Issue #70
Autumn 2005

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Dread Pirate KrikorWhen sitting down to write one of these articles, the first question I usually ask myself is: "What has been going on lately in my fleet that I can tell people about?"  This time, I would like to answer that question by talking about the activities of four of my senior officers.  All of them were awarded the honorific of sutai at Toronto Trek this past July, as all of them have contributed significantly to KAG and to the Crimson Knight Fleet, each in their own way. For one thing, they have all attended two to three times more events than almost everyone else in the fleet.  Here are a few more things they've been up to:

Legionnaire Major Xyannis sutai-tIQwoQ (Lisa Nassy) is the CO of the ILV Iron Griffon, a legion ship in Oshawa, Ontario.  She has organized several events in her own community and elsewhere, and can always be counted on to help out with any other events in the general area.  She is also our fleet webmistress, and has been diligently uploading photos of our exploits, updating the fleet command roster, and otherwise maintaining the site.  To have a look, check out http://ckf.kag.org .

Legionnaire Major Ryu-No-Kage sutai (Chris Harrison) is another one that pitches in at pretty much every event there is.  He has organized quite a few of them himself, as well.  Although he has proven himself for years as a valuable command officer, only now is he finally taking command of a vessel of his own.  As of October 15th, Ryu-No-Kage has launched the ILV Kaji-Kuro as a Legion ship in Mississauga, Ontario (for those wondering, Kaji-Kuro is "Black Fire" rendered in ancient eastern Klingon).  We look forward to great things from the Kaji-Kuro.

Lieutenant Commander Denake sutai-Shiy'MoK (Debbie Hodgins) is a tireless event organizer, frequently putting a great deal of her own time and money into the events she organizes.  Several months ago, she was awarded the Shield of Honor, a Scarlet Shield Quadrant award in recognition of the sacrifices she has made for the club.  At Toronto Trek in July, she headed up two collection efforts: poptabs and eyeglasses.  She traded in the 338 pounds of poptabs we had collected for a $135.20 donation to Settlement House Women's Shelter.  She also took charge of delivering the 398 pairs of used glasses to Hakim Optical to be distributed in developing countries.  For Toronto Trek 2006, we hope to boost our numbers for both of these collections.  So if any of you reading this are planning to attend Toronto Trek, or know someone who is, start collecting now!

Legionnaire/Marine Major K'Tallia sutai-jechwI' commands the Scarlet Shield Quadrant.  She is also both the Legion Commandant and the Marine Fencer for that quadrant.  You would think that that would be enough to keep her busy; far from it.  She has organized more events than anyone else in the fleet by a considerable margin, from poetry readings to parades to convention security details.  Elsewhere in this issue, you can read about her latest and most ambitious project: a book of klingon poetry which she has been working on compiling for several months.  It should be available for download by the time you read this; check our fleet website (listed above).

And what have I been doing?  For the last while much of my attention has been focused on the Battlenotch Task Force.  The Task Force (comprised of myself, Keela, and several other command officers) has been hard at work revamping the battlenotch guidelines to bring them more in step with the way they have been used in practice.  We are hoping that the new guidelines will encourage the use of battlenotches in areas that don't use them now, so that it can truly be called a "KAG-wide award."  Stay tuned for more.

Colonel Krikor zantai-jechwI'
(Krikor Ajemian)
Crimson Knight Fleet Commander, KAG

[email protected]