Issue #67
Spring 2004



Stacey Bailey - Custom made warrior's tunics, boots and uniform accessories
snail mail: 42 Greenhills, Killingworth, Newcastle Upon Tyne,
Tyne and Wear, NE12 5BB, United Kingdom
email: [email protected]

Jett Borkowski - Custom costumes, headpieces and masks -
snail mail: 1332 Scott Blvd., Covington, KY 41011-3457, USA,
phone: (859) 491-2930, email: [email protected]

Scott Driscoll - Alien and demon prosthetics, foreheads, ears, noses and teeth,
snail mail: h8/41 Gotha St., Fortitude Valley, QLD Australia 4006
email: [email protected],

Steve Greenfield - Alien prosthetics, custom props, Tshirt imprinting, and misc bits.
snail mail: 3501 Sixth Ave, Tacoma, WA 98406 USA,
website: email: [email protected]

Tammy Larrabee - Fantasy Grafix - Photo compositioning and graphic
arts.  email: [email protected], website:

Suz Mianowski - Custom uniforms, prosthetics, jewelry & accessories -
snail-mail: 1040 N 3rd Ave., St. Charles, IL, 60174-1220 USA -
phone: (630) 513-1636, email: [email protected] ,

Steve Murtaugh - Latex headpieces, resin and pewter medallions & buckles,
pewter bat'leth necklaces, custom imprinting
snail mail: 5654 Sandra Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15236-3332 USA
email: [email protected]

JP - Aluminum & wood belt buckle (M & F), 3" black leather belts, Hide in
buckle belt bath'la, Solid brass rank pips, Baby belt buckle,
snail mail: 236 Park Place, Des Moines, Iowa 50312-5416 USA,
phone (515) 282-8212,
email: [email protected]

Zelda in Portland, Oregon - Custom Warrior Wear, steel weaponry.
< [email protected] >

"From out of the shadows, three Warriors descend from the Great Wheel in the sky! Upon their ridged brows is the mark, the mark of Five! Woe to the galaxy for they have come down having great wrath! For the Wheel has turned, the day has come! Let them that have understanding know the day! The day four thousand five hundred and six!"

Ancient Klingon Prophesy