Issue #67
Spring 2004



    We’ve done a lot since 1989.  Built our ships and fleets; meetings,  public events  and parades.  Conventions.  Tons of those.  Tromped and stomped the halls and stages in countless costume contests.

    It’s to the point where, at some conventions, it’s “Oh. Klingons. Again.”  Perhaps we’re  too “expected” now, and the shock and joy is wearing off.  Perhaps we as a club should consider “second skins”. 

    Those in KAG’s XENO LEGION know about this-- replacing the Klingon persona and  “look” with that of some other creature or creation from science fiction and fantasy.   My good friend Kragtowl is happily delving into the antagonists from “STARGATE SG-1”.

    Me?  I’m into something as well.  Like me, they have nasty tempers.  The color grey is  popular with them, as are marching, drilling, and singing.  They pack vicious spears and  have green skin.  No, not enraged Orions.

    They’re known as Winkies, the Witch’s Guards from MGM’s “WIZARD OF OZ.”  You’ve  probably seen the movie, and might remember them.   Yep.  Winkies.  Hey, with a name like that, you just know they’re keen on fighting.   And so, a group is forming, the  “LEGION OF WINKIES”.   Brand-new, with some of the same basics that KAG has:  no dues, few rules.  It’s so new that things like ranks and organizational charts/flow and bureaucracy haven’t been worked out yet.   It exists merely to dress up and play.  Play to win.
Kris - Winkie
    LEGION OF WINKIES.  Contact  [email protected] for information.

    The conventions we all go to are becoming more and more inhabited by Stormtroopers and other organized “critters”.  If putting on a “second skin” ala’ XENO LEGION can breathe new life into these cons and public events-- and KAG-- then it’s something worth considering,  and doing.

    Do it well!

KAG Founder

John Halvorson
5624 Fair Ave 116
North Hollywood CA  91601
[email protected]

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