Issue #67
Spring 2004



K'oron of House Trekkan (Ron Krueger)
to Commander sutai
<[email protected]>


Dark Moon Fleet Commander
Adm. Kruge zantai-DevnoH (Darryl Watson)
<[email protected]>

Norquad Quadrant  Commander
Lt. Cmdr. Jag vestai-MaHcha' (William Dowie)
<[email protected]>
Cold Death Quadrant Commander
Adm. Qob zantai-Hurric (Bill Hedrick)
<[email protected]>

Cold Blood Quadrant Commander
Cmdr./M.Lt.Col MarQISsutai-qul (Marvin Dotson)
<[email protected]>

Scarlet Shield Quadrant Commander
L.Capt. K'Tallia vestai-jechwI' (Lori Lightfoot)
<[email protected]>

Acting Dark Phoenix Quadrant Commander
Cmdr. QatanI' sutai-DevnoH (Tony Roberts)
<[email protected]>

"On the day four thousand five hundred and six, there shall come forth the Three who will prepare the people for battle. They shall rise up against the enemy and as they have planned, so it shall be!"

Ancient Klingon Prophesy