Issue #67
Spring 2004


The Klingon Assault Group.  The name speaks for itself, that's what our Founder wanted.   Agressive action!  We're not diplomats, we're Warriors!  Ready to tear our enemies apart!  KAG emerged fifteen years ago into fandom with all disruptors a'blazing and we're still going strong!

There are those who ask:

Treaties? - I say, "You're kidding?!"
Diplomatic meetings? - "Do we look like Federation petaqmey?!"
Spies? - "We don't need no stinkin' spies! Go ask a Romie!"

True Warriors seek honor and glory in battle, not at negotiating tables.  Is this what is to become of the Klingon Empire?  Hell No!!  Never forget who we are!  Never forget where we come from!  We are not about peace.  We are about War!  And when it comes to War, we are the most ruthless of Warriors, let others think what they will.  "Shock and Awe" is our specialty and those who think it is gone are in for a rude awakening!

Enough! It is time to play! Let our enemies come here and die at our feet while they still have the option of doing so quickly!
Warriors of the Klingon Assault Group, may Honor and Glory always walk with you!
Khatal epetai-H'aaWK
Klingon Assault Group