Issue #66
Autumn 2003

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From StormRider Fleet

shakes head , clearing cobwebs*   Oh...it's that time again is it?
Allrighty then...News from the Stormrider Fleet.   We are the fleet away from all the action. While everyone else does day trips to DragonCon, GenCon, Shore Leave, Leave it to K'Beaver, and Kahless knows what else...we here in the west , especially the Pacific Northwest, grow moss on our backsides.   Ok...I'm grumbling...it's something I'm good at. And now, as they say, the news.

SRF finally has an Executive Officer.  After many months of inactivity by the Fleet Commander (who should be a Rear Admiral...he spends so much time on it )  Marine Cpt. Rosam Korchak vestai Kiln (Paul Karczag), CO of the IKAV Raptor  has been asked to serve as Fleet XO.  His more level-headed attitude ( and for a Kiln, that's going some) should be an asset in bringing the scattered elements together and helping form a more cohesive group.

Starting Sept.10 there will be a monthly fleet chat at the SRF Yahoogroups site. These will be slated for 8pm Pacific Time.  If you are in the SRF area and wish to join in these chats, but are not subscribed to the list, please ask Kerla to send an invite.  I'm looking for input from all.

The PKV Rut'leDj (DemonFleet in Portland) continues on it's merry way with it's cast of miscreants and malefactors.  She remains docked at the bar for Thursday night Klingon Karaoke.  More and more terrans seem to be taken with the antics and we have uncovered more than a few kloset klingons.  One, Eric King, who goes by the name of NaKach, has donned ridges and joined in the act with his Klingon renditions of Neil Diamond (and you thought Over the Rainbow was gay) , Diamond David Lee Roth and...the King.

On July 26, 2003 I made the trip to Sacramento to appear on a bill with Portland Oregon Klingon Metal legends, Stovokor, as well as the local Star Trek punk bastages of No Kill I and their spin offs NKI: The Next Generation and NKI: DS9.  We played to a sold out house at the Capitol Garage in downtown Sacramento and were filmed for the upcoming Trekkies 2, which is now in post production and slated for spring release.  If you have never seen a punk-Trek audience it is a site to behold....girls in grunge and Doc Martens sporting pointed ears,  multi-colored spike haired Redshirts in leather pants and chains and a cerebrally-challenged cat that had been assimilated by the Borg and is content to chase it's own laser light rather than assimilate a mouse.  Check out the "Behind the Scenes " section of the Trekkies2 website (www.trekkies2.com) for pics.  On a sadder note it has been reported that the father of K'tesh (Jim Parsons) Imperial vutwI',  passed away in August.  We offer a howl for his passage to Stovokor and join with K'tesh in his grief.

Now I, the IKAV Raptor, IKV Dark Phoenix and other associated crazies are gearing up for Orycon (www.orycon.org) this November 14-16.  I am working on a skit for opening ceremonies and then procede spread Klingon joy throughout the convention.

That means loads of tribbles to throw at karaoke contestants.  Time to start sewing and making the banners.

for the nonce I remain,
Lt.Cmr Qaolin vestai Kiln
for Stormrider Fleet/ KAG
end transmission
screen off

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