Issue #66
Autumn 2003

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Greetings!  I am Legionnaire Lieutenant Colonel Krikor sutai-jechwI', and I have been commanding the Crimson Knight Fleet for the past year or so.  It has been two years since our fleet was launched, and there have been a great many changes in that time.  Rather than trying to go over everything that has happened, I would just like to offer some thanks to those who helped to get us where we are today, and then talk a bit about where that actually is.

This year's Toronto Trek (July 11-13) marked the second anniversary of the launch of the fleet.  For a fledgeling group like ourselves to have made it this long is a great accomplishment.  Though the pressures of Real Life have caused us to lose some members along the way, we have greeted many new faces as well, so that we can look to the future stronger than ever.

Our continued success as a fleet would not have been possible were it not for the support and guidance we have received from the rest of KAG.  Thought Admiral Kuuriis has gone out of his way to welcome us into KAG with open arms.  He has allowed us the freedom to maintain our own "Canadian" flavor within the larger family of KAG.  Thanks also go out to Admiral Kerla, who has been with us from the beginning, offering her wisdom and experience to help us get through any difficulties we faced along the way.

For the first year of our fleet's existence, we were commanded by Commander K'Ehleyer.  She led the fleet through its infancy, and set the standard of leadership for those who follow after; as her successor, I have found some hard shoes to fill. Although real life concerns have forced K'Ehleyer to step back from a position of command, she is by no means gone.  She continues to be a valuable service to the fleet as editor of our fleet newsletter.

I would also like to thank those officers whose vision started it all.  In addition to K'Ehelyer, this fleet was born in the minds of Kasarr, Kalot, Scorphan, and Chil.  Most of them still serve the fleet as command advisors.

With the help of all these folks (and many others I haven't mentioned), we have established our identity as a fleet.  We have a fleet logo; thanks to Neko for drawing up the original, and Scorphan for doing the final version.  We have a newsletter again; hopefully it will be coming out on a more regular schedule from now on.  And Lt. K'Nass has put together a fleet website for us, and will be expanding it as time goes on.

Out in the west, the Rocky Mountain Quadrant is going strong.  Under the leadership of Cmdr. Krau, the ships of the quadrant are as active as they have ever been; in fact, the IKV Swifthawk just celebrated its tenth anniversary!  We also have the possible beginnings of two new ships, one in BC and one in Alberta.

In the east, the Birmivhiq Quadrant is currently in a restructuring phase.  Under the able leadership of M Capt. K'Mawk, I am confident that it won't be long before the ships of the quadrant are going full throttle again.

Here in the Scarlet Shield Quadrant, we have been busier than ever.  Between the parades, conventions, and other public gatherings, our many ships and members have left their mark across the quadrant. Much of the credit for organizing events and otherwise supporting the ships of the SSQ goes to L Major Khor, who until recently was serving as Deputy Quadrant Commander.  For this reason, I am pleased to announce that Major Khor has been appointed Commander of the Scarlet Shield Quadrant as of Toronto Trek.

I would also like to award Fleet Commendations to the following members:

To Cmdr. K'Ehleyer, for putting together our newsletter.  Despite being extremely busy with real life, K'Ehleyer has found the time to edit the various articles and provide copies of the newsletter for distribution.  Qapla', K'ehleyer!

To Lt. K'Nass, for work on the Fleet website.  The site is now up and running, and new elements will be added soon; watch ckf.kag.org for developments. Qapla', K'Nass!

Back in January, I announced the creation of a new fleetwide award: the Strategy Mark.  It is awarded to a member who organizes a Battle Notch event, taking the initiative to make something happen for the rest of the membership.  Since its inception, Strategy Marks have been awarded to:

M Capt. Ma'tel, for the Toronto Feast
M Capt. Kalia, for the Oshawa Feast
L Capt. K'Tallia, for the Klingon Poetry Night
L Major Khor, for the Bread & Honey Parade
Lt. K'Ol-orada, for the Rexdale Parade
L Capt. Ka-ris, for the MD Telethon

Speaking of events, there are several conventions coming up in the next few months.  They include:

VCon, Vancouver, October 10-12
Con*Cept, Montreal, November 8
Ad Astra, Toronto, April 2-4, 2004

For the future of the fleet in general, I see one thing: growth.  With the rebuilding in the east, expansion in the west, and  nonstop activity in central Canada, this fleet is poised to achieve some great things in the days ahead.

One of the things that makes us special is our cooperative spirit.  KAG may be international in scope, but the heart of the club is its local chapters.  So I would encourage every ship in the fleet to work together, as much as possible, with other fan organizations in your local area, be they conventions or other fan clubs.  Such openness helps to support fandom as a whole.  These days, with the changing nature of the fan community, anything that gets fans away from their TVs and computers and involved in real live activities is good for all of us.

We are the Canadian Fleet of KAG.  Every part of that statement is something to be proud of.  We can take pride that we are Canadian; we add our own distinctiveness to the world fan community.  We can take pride that we are a fleet; together we built this fleet from the ground up.  And most of all we can take pride that we are KAG; we are a part of the largest and most well known Klingon fan club in the entire world.

For the Glory of the Crimson Knight Fleet and of KAG!

L Lt.Col. Krikor sutai-jechwI'
(Krikor Ajemian)
Crimson Knight Fleet Commander, KAG

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