Issue #66
Autumn 2003

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What IS a Warrior?
by Cmdr.K'Blade sutai-Hov bo'Degh
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What is a Warrior? A question for the soul.  Many will have several different answers. Some will be similar. Some will not.

Speaking for myself, I say, a Warrior is one who stands for the one who cannot. One who cares for those who are forgotten.  One who gives for those who have little. One who is willing to bear the pain for another who cannot. One who fights for what is right regardless of the cost. One who is willing to help an enemy, to make him a freind.

One who makes mistakes and is willing to admit to them. One who occasionally commits a wrong and shows the honor of doing all he can to make it right.

A Warrior is one who will not always win every battle life puts in his path.
He is one who will face those battles and never quit.
Photo of Jojo by KwISt

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