Issue #66
Autumn 2003

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Thought Admiral InsigniaThought Admiral Khatal
The Klingon Assault Group! The name strikes mortal fear in the hearts of our enemies! We are the fiercest most unrelenting of Warriors in the galaxy!  It has been fourteen years now since we started by issuing a blood duel to Starfleet!  It makes no difference what flag a starship travels under. We turn our hand against all, and all are fair game!

What has happened since?  Have the KAG war drums stopped beating?  Hell No!  We are a proud Warrior race!  We will meet any threat to the Empire with our valor, our blood, and with our very lives!  Our ships continue to plunder and wreak havoc on this planet!  Blood feuds, bat'leth tournaments, parties that rock on 'til dawn....We know how to do battle, and we know how to play!

So who have you challenged today?

Blast, my throat is as dry as Gre'thor!  Pass me the bloodwine!

May Honor and Glory always walk with You!

Khatal epetai-H'aaWK
<[email protected]>

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