Issue #65
Summer 2003

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Hail Warriors of KAG!

Dark Star Quadrant sends greetings to you!

I am pleased to announce that we are now 22 ships strong, with a combination of Demon Fleet, Marine and Navy vessels, and the promise of a possible new Marine ship in Charlotte, NC! Qapla'!! Some vessels are new, some are seasoned by battle; some are small, some are large. All stand ready to bring honor and glory to the Klingon Empire in the name of the Klingon Assault Group.

Another announcement that I am privileged to make is that Dark Star Quadrant now boasts two Squadrons! The first is the Mahless Fire Squadron, commanded by Lt. Cmdr. Qamtin vestai-Dok'Mar and controls the eastern part of North Carolina. The second is the Death Touch Squadron, commanded by Cmdr. Keela sutai-Septaric and controls the western part of North Carolina.Qapla'!

The next big convention is DragonCon. At that time the Dark Moon Fleet awards will be given out: Ship of the Fleet and Ship of DragonCon. For Dark Star Quadrant, the award is: Ship of the Quadrant. I would like to encourage all of Dark Star Quadrant's ships to fight hard to prove themselves in battle, both in charity work as well as convention attendance and support.

Having fun while doing all of these things is top priority and, as you well know, the number one rule of KAG. Let us comply!

If I can assist any Warrior in any way, you have but to apprise me.

May Honor guide your words and deeds! May Glory follow close behind!


Cmdr. Keela sutai-Septaric
CO, Dark Star Quadrant
Dark Moon Fleet
Imperial Navy

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