Issue #65
Summer 2003

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Battle Streamers!!!!

In an effort to recognize ships in the Cold Blood Quadrant for outstanding efforts and give them something to show the world I have come up with the idea of "Battle Streamers". There are four main colors and one special award. The colors and what they represent are as follows:

*Green: Service of Superiority

*Red: Service of Excellence

*Black: Service of Honor

*Gold: Service to Glory

*One yearly award which is the QC Ship of Honor and Glory for the year. It will be Silver.

The 2002 QC award went to the entire ANPU Attack Group in Springfield, MO. In less than one year�s time they went from one ship with a crew of five, to 5-plus ships with entire compliment of active members exceeding 100. This does not include the celebrity ambassadors to the ships. Lt Cmdr mIgh vesti SalHov (aka Mike Anderson) and his entire crew have shown not only to me but to others that KAG is still alive and growing.

More awards are on their way. If you wish to submit information for review to receive a battle streamer and you are in the CBQ, forward information to the CBQ council via your ship CO.

Each streamer will be long enough to hold 9 Trefoil patches with the streamer being the first award on. If you earn more than ten you will receive another streamer.

Well these are some of the ideas going on here in the Heart of KAGdom.

For the Council
Cmdr. mIghQel sutai-Atratties

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