MindScanner #56
Demon Fleet
by Carol Bockelman <[email protected]>

Great news!....issue three of the Demonic Press is now on the web ... <http://www.kag.org/demon/>, and issue six is undergoing that magical transformation from a box full of insane scribbled notes on cocktail napkins, to an actual insane 'zine.

As for our sinister plans of conquest, things in the Demon Fleet are going well. Everyone's calm and the trauma seems to be over. As things return to normal we look for further eruptions that might result in severe consequences including, but not limited to, speed zones and/or hot lava runs.

On other fronts, plans are proceeding apace and look to be completed in less time than was previously expected. Demon Fleet members are signing up in droves to ensure success. The venture will be a glorious mark in the history of the fleet In Demon Fleet activities concerning others things couldn't be better. Interactions with all concerned parties are working out well despite the aforementioned incident. But clothes were meant to be removed, so all is well now.