MindScanner #56
by Kevin Mounce <[email protected]>

Dawn, the dew drips with the scent of prey. Light pierces the long leaves of exotic plants where the creature's lair has been nestled in their shadowy embrace. Now, movement has a resonating thunder through the tranquil surroundings that seem surreal to my senses.

Suddenly my senses heighten, for my quest has awakened, thus begins my hunt. My weapons, dagger and spear honed to a silvery bright edge. Firelight and heat have cast my heart's will. My body and soul sharpen with lifetimes of experiences from my father's house; my life is the blade of the spear, sharp and strong.

Stealthfully I move to attack, finding my prey has cunning and speed to elude my advance. Faster, my heart burns from the scent of fear from my foe. Victory sweetens from the chase. Onward I move to strike, through dense forests, over brooks, across lush fields, my mind tense, the body afire, my spear has its target set, my throw is strong and swift. No hesitation, the course is set, to find its target, for victory will be true.

A feast for my hunger, blood for my thirst will be the only liquor to cool my heart's burning lust. A new song, another conquest, my hunt is done.

By Kevin Mounce