MindScanner #56

Have Fun. It's the first rule. It's the best rule. Fun is the reason for all of this!

Ten years ago Kris thought it might be fun to form a club whose emphasis was on costuming and being Klingon in public. That initial idea has spread and grown until today we've got a KAG in which "fun" has so many definitions we trip over them.</font>

It's fun to costume, it's fun to create newsletters, 'zines and art, it's fun to get together and party. We've got whole sections of the club devoted to the varying and diverse forms 'fun' has taken in this club. There's the Navy and the Demon Fleet, Imperial Xeno Legion, CyberSpace Patrol.... and there's the Marines, who have recently had the honor of the original marine founder, Maglin, becoming their new Marine Advisor..... linking KAG's past and its future. Fun in KAG comes in many forms, all of them equally valid, all of them open to each KAG member who shares that interest or idea. Fun is why we grow, it's why we continue.

In KAG today we can see that spirit grow, the members all coming together to play Klingon--or Romulan--or Cardassian. KAG has grown and adapted to suit most any type of interest. It's this adaptability that has kept us--and will keep us--vibrant and interesting to new generations of members.

And all this so we can play together. So we can.....

Have Fun!

In service to KAG

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