How to do Klingon makeup

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Prepare area

Clean face thoroughly with soap and water before applying spirit gum. If you are doing the beard AND moustache, always do the beard first so as to not get the moustache tangled up with the beard.

Facial Hair

Facial Hair

Beard: Start applying spirit gum and crepe from the bottom and gradually work your way up. Work in layers, each new layer a little higher than the previous one.

Mustache: Start from the outside and work your way in towards the nose. See the drawing for various styles of beards and moustaches.


Shading and Highlights

Applying Make-up: Once the facial hair is on you can begin to apply make-up. For the headpiece itself I recommend purchasing a palette of Rubbermask Greasepaint. Oil-based foundation make-up will gradually weaken and destroy a latex headpiece. If you can't find this special greasepaint you can create a protective barrier by coating the head with a Castor Sealer. If neither of these are available you can pick up some non-oil based make-up at a department store.

Make-Up You Will Need:

  • A Foundation Make-up: This is the one that matches your skin tone, if you have a headpiece that also matches you. If your headpiece is darker, get the foundation color that is the best overall match to your headpiece, because this is the color that's going over most of your skin.
  • A Highlight Make-up: A color a shade or two lighter than your foundation.
  • A Shading Make-up: A color a shade or two darker than your foundation.
  • Powder: A translucent dark is the best.
  • Tools: A foundation sponge, powder puff, cotton balls etc.

Foundation: Whatever type of foundation you are going with for your face and headpiece they MUST blend out to the same color. In other words, if your head is drastically lighter or darker than your face you are going to look ridiculous. Apply the foundation to every part of your face that isn't covered by the headpiece, and cover the headpiece accordingly, as needed. If you are going darker than your natural skin, you really should cover other bits of exposed skin such as hands (when not wearing gloves), for women, the tops of your breasts, depending on how exposed they are, etc.

Highlighting: Carefully blend in the highlighting make-up on the bony ridges of your headpiece, your cheekbones, the ridge of your nose, and your chin. Blend in the edges carefully because sharp color contrasts look dopey.

Shading: With the darker shading make-up, shade and blend in the inset areas of your face and headpiece such as around your nose, under the brows and in the indents of your headpiece. Refer to the illustration for examples of highlighting and shading.

Removal and Clean-up

Removing the Make-up: Remove the facial hair first. With a swab or cotton ball, brush spirit gum remover, mineral spirits or, if you've got nothing else, rubbing alcohol into your beard and/or mustache and carefully pull your crepe hair off. This also works for a pre-made beard or mustache. Rub the remover on thoroughly to get all the gum off your skin. You can either leave the make-up on the headpiece for a few more uses or remove it with alcohol. Never clean your headpiece with mineral spirits or baby oil, or any make-up remover that has a petroleum base as such may cause deterioration of the headpiece. The rest of your make-up can come off with soap and water, cold cream, or a brand name make-up remover of your choice.

Important Note: Perspiration tends to build up mineral deposits inside the headpiece. These deposits if allowed to collect over time can cause itching, dandruff, and even hair damage or loss. The inside of the headpiece should be washed out thoroughly with water and a soft non-detergent soap after every few uses.