Warrior Haiku from Dark Star Quadrant

Looking to create another short challenge for the Quadrant, I was inspired by haiku, a form of Japanese poetry.

A haiku is a short poem of 17 beats or syllables. The first line has five beats or syllables. The second line has seven. The third line has five. What makes haiku especially suitable for a Klingon poetry adaptation, is that the last word of the of the 17 is a kigo or a “cutting” word.

I gave a simple example and the Warriors of Dark Star Quadrant rose to the challenge with some really inspiring poetry. Here are their offerings, but I forgot to tell the poets to put punctuation after each line. I have inserted it appropriately.

Of special note is the prolific pen of Qo Pung of House Qaw and the artistry of Martok of House lungqIj. They are to be emulated. I am proud of all of the submissions for they feed my Klingon spirit.

Tremble at the Warrior hearts of the poets from Dark Star Quadrant. There will be more to come! Qapla’!!!

IXL Brigadier Keela zantai-Septaric
Dark Star Quadrant CO

Kahless give me strength
To honor my ancestors
With blade, sweat and blood!
Qo Pung of House Qaw (Buddy Lewis)

Martok of House lungqIj (Robert Plante)

I fight like Fek’lhr.
The honored dead join my side.
Sto-vo-Kor is empty.
Qo Pung of House Qaw (Buddy Lewis)

I trust in my knife.
Its point is sharp and shiny.
Do not test my blade!
Keela of House Septaric (Leila McMichael)

petaQs surround me.
My smile curves like my bat’leth.
A good day to die!
Qo Pung of House Qaw (Buddy Lewis)

Martok of House lungqIj (Robert Plante)

Steel flies around us.
We are two blades & one heart.
Our love will not break.
Qo Pung of House Qaw (Buddy Lewis)

The scream of the blade,
Connecting to flesh and bone!
The foe is no more.
Janine of House Darnell (Janine Posillico Darnell)

Old Targ at my side,
We both sniff the sent of prey.
A glorious hunt!
Qo Pung of House Qaw (Buddy Lewis)

My blade is so sharp
It can cut you down to shreds.
My my side, it FIGHTS!
Krikala (Kitty Spruill)

Bloodwine toasts battle.
Eyes wide, Gowron’s head butts mine.
Glory to your House!
Qo Pung of House Qaw (Buddy Lewis)

Klingon is the word.
Give the Romulans the bird.
All hail to Vulcan!
Kray of House Linkous (Ray Linkous)