Cold Blood Quadrant

Cold Blood Quadrant

Ships in Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri and Illinois

Group: Cold Blood Quadrant

Commanding Officer: Commander Gos sutai-HoHHov

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East Moline, IL

Patrolling the skys around East Moline, Illinois

Group: IKV cha'Do'

Commanding Officer: Ensign Shane russell

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Chicago, IL

Scout/Bird-of-Prey B'Rel class

Group: IKV CHI JEV (Chicago Storm)

Commanding Officer: Captain Kordan sutai-QanaSon

Executive Officer: Corporal tammoH QanaSon

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Decatur, IL

Outpost attached to the Cold Terror Fleet.

Group: Outpost Valkris

Commanding Officer: Lieutenant Commander K'Hel vestai-Kurkura

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