The Structure of KAG

KAG is made up of a number of Military Units, Fleets, Combat, and Support Divisions.


The Navy is the main body of KAG and KAG’s Naval Fleets are defined by geographic boundaries. The Thought-Admiral is the commander of the Imperial Navy, and each fleet has it’s own leader and chain of command. They are:

Northern Storm Fleet – Western Canada
Crimson Knight Fleet – Central Canada
Rising Sun Fleet – Eastern Canada
Klin-Fire Fleet – Western United States (includes Alaska and Hawaii)
Cold Terror Fleet – Central United States
Dark Moon Fleet – Eastern United States
Global Fleet – the rest of the world, including ship in the UK, Europe and Australia


KAG members can belong to one or more specialized Combat Divisions, if desired. These divisions have a leader, like fleets, but primarily use the Navy chain of command for logistics. Some members serve on specialized ships, while the majority operate on Navy Vessels . They are:

Marines – Military minded combat specialists.
Imperial Xeno Legion – Non-Klingon aliens in service to the Empire.


KAG has several support divisions that offer resources in various areas of interest. KAG members with applicable skills are free to offer their services in any of these areas, and likewise may draw as needed on the available resources of the support divisions. They are:

Culture – Klingon customs, language, beliefs, etc.
Logistics – Information, communication, and member services
Quartermasters – Crafting of uniforms, props, etc.