Most likely, the person who starts a ship will be that ship’s Commanding Officer (also sometimes referred to as its ‘captain’, although that shouldn’t be confused with the ranks with Captain in them).

A ship’s Commanding Officer provides vision and sets the tone and direction of the chapter. Naval CO’s are  responsible for keeping in touch with their Quadrant Commander. Sound easy?

A friendly warning:  Being a ship captain is a challenge.  It demands lots of effort and patience. You will find yourself being a coordinator, manager, diplomat, arbitrator, salesman and most important a leader.  You may find yourself doing things you never thought you could!

The best leaders are those who work with their crew and listen to their ideas.  To make the ship work, it takes the entire crew cooperating together and everyone getting credit when credit is due.  Communication and cooperation can make or break a ship. The more people keep in touch and participate the more the ship will grow and gain recognition.