A ship may have departments which perform designated support functions for the ship.  Each ship is unique.  The departments your ship chooses to establish depends on the number of members on your ship and the kinds of activities it engages in.

The following is a list of some of the kinds of departments a ship might have, and suggestions for the kinds of duties they might perform.  Your ship might have some, all, or none of these ship positions… go with what works for you.

  • Communications Department– Handles the communications needed to notify members of upcoming meetings and events. Puts together a ship’s newsletter, produces written materials to be used at events and for recruitment,  assists Commanding Officer with official correspondence between ships.  (If the CO doesn’t have email, it helps to have a Communications Officer who does).
  • Engineering Department– To handle construction, set up, break down and transport of items for displays and other ship building projects.
  • Quartermaster– Assist new members in their quest to become uniformed.  Assemble and make available to the crew updated information on costuming and makeup techniques and sources.
  • Weapons– Aquire information on the weapons policies at particular events the crew will be  attending.  Advise and assist crew in compliance.
  • Helm/Navigation– Arrange or provide transportation to and from events and meetings for crew who have need of it, provide maps or directions to event destinations when needed.
  • Medical– Keep a medical record for each ship member which includes such information as allergies and emergency contact information.  The Med Officer should be CPR Certified.
  • Tactical– Assist wherever needed, for instance in locating materials for ship projects, event set-up and take-down, etc.
  • Security– Help with security at conventions, provide security at ship’s events, or for guests.

Once again, the list above is only an example.  The decision to have departments, and what to call them, is a matter internal to each ship, and depends on its specific needs.  Departments can be a fun way to role-play, and they can be helpful in assigning the work necessary to making ship events and projects happen.

The creation of Departments shouldn’t be used to restrict a member’s involvement.  If someone wants to be involved  in more than one department, they should be encouraged to do so.  That way, the Empire gets the maximum amount of work out of them before they die gloriously in

On a large ship, Departments might be made up of several people and headed up by a Chief Departmental Officer.  Giving a talented and hardworking crewmember the title and position of Departmental Chief is a good way to reward their outstanding contributions.