Positions in KAG are offices of responsibility… primarily, the responsibility to communicate.

Command position in KAG is not the same thing as rank, and it is not tied  to rank. Although command positions are often filled by higher-ranking members, this is not always the case.  There have been instances of someone with the rank of Lt.-vestai being assigned to the position of Quadrant Commanding  Officer, and someone with the rank of Commander being assigned the position of Fleet Commanding Officer.

Positions in KAG have traditionally been filled by the out-going officeholder choosing a successor, usually after consulting with those above him in the CoC, although there are occasional regional variations on this method throughout the club.

As with rank, these positions are not license to issue orders, they are offices of responsibility for the coordination of communications and activities throughout different levels of the club.  Fulfilling the duties of these offices is a challenging endeavor, and can be time consuming and a lot of work.

Ship’s Commanding Officer (CO, also sometimes called ‘ship’s captain’) –

  • Is responsive to the needs and desires of his crew, communicates with  them, and gives direction and inspiration to the ship as a whole.
  • Helps new members find information.
  • Makes sure members of his ship know and understand the five rules of KAG.
  • Promotes deserving members of his ship when he is of sufficient rank to do so, and makes recommendations for promotions beyond his own level of authority.
  • Mediates any club-related disputes that may arise between members of his ship.

Quadrant Commander (QC) –

  • Communicates with the ships in his quadrant.
  • Fosters communication and coordination of common activities between the ships in his quadrant, and mediates any disputes that may arise between them.
  • Keeps his Fleet CO informed of matters in his quadrant and makes recommendations for any promotions that are beyond his level of authority.

Fleet Commander (FC) –

  • Gives direction to the fleet overall
  • Communicates with the fleet’s QC’s and facilitates communication between them.
  • Approves promotions within the fleet, and makes recommendations for promotions that are beyond their level of authority.
  • Maintains communications with the CO’s of KAG’s other Fleet and Divisional Leaders on matters of club-wide importance.

Divisional Head (DH) –

  • Directs national/international operation in one of KAGs service divisions
  • Communicates with Fleet and quadrant-wide division members
  • Communicates with FCs to facilitate the mission of the Division
  • Approves promotions within the Division, and makes recommendations for promotions which are beyond their level of authority.
  • Maintains Divisional information sources and divisional resource

Thought-Admiral (TA) –

  • Gives direction to the club overall
  • Facilitates communication and forges consensus from the diverse opinions of KAG’s Council
  • Upholds the traditions of KAG

In cases where a Fleet or Division is not divided into Quadrants, the Fleet CO or Division Head performs the duties of both a Quad CO and a Fleet CO.

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