They can be occasions for socializing and fun, and a good opportunity to   talk together about plans and activities. Many ships hold meetings once   a month, either in members’  homes, in a restaurant, or in a public meeting   place such as a library, university, or church.  Frequency of meetings, and whether or not they are uniformed or casual occasions, varies from ship to ship.
Designating a consistent day of the month for meetings allows the membership   to be able to plan for these meetings in advance.
Where should meetings be held?  A ship member’s home sometimes provides a good atmosphere but may have the drawback of inadequate seating or parking space.
Many libraries and schools have meeting rooms that can be utilized, giving the benefit of more seating and parking, but it might be necessary to pay for their use.  Holding a meeting in a restaurant is an option, but it has the drawback of lacking privacy and quiet.
Holding a meeting outdoors in fair weather provides excellent opportunity to combine ship’s business with a picnic or other recreational activity.
It’s very Important to involve the membership in discussion and participation.  Try not to make all meetings strictly about business.
Remember, you joined to have fun, and meetings can be turned into fun events.  Specifying a meeting place every month or two months allows you to advertise it on flyers and have the possibility of some new potential members just showing up.