The Kill Stripe is one of three KAG-wide awards programs.  A Kill  Stripe is won by the Warrior when he has defeated an enemy in a formal  challenge.  The actual form of the award is unique to each victory, and is designed and made by the ship whose members will wear it. Approval of
a win is granted by the Fleet Commander or his designee.  This award program is optional, and provides the Warrior a way to  boast of his ship’s victories by wearing the Kill Stripes on his uniform.

Any activity which can be organized as a challenge and where a winner can be clearly determined.  The activity can be serious or it can be fun.  Some examples: a volleyball or paint ball tournament, special Olympics, putt-putt golf or bowling tournament, frog eating contest, costume contest, cooking contest, or that revered KAG tradition..a ‘blood feud’.  The Warrior must participate in the event to be eligible to wear the Kill Stripe.


The challenge must be formally presented and accepted before the event.  Both sides must fully understand the conditions of battle: where, when, who, how many, what to do, victory conditions.  To decide at a picnic that the Orions you’re playing Volleyball with would be good for a Kill Stripe is not acceptable.  To challenge a group to a vollyball tournament then arrange it to occur at a picnic IS very acceptable.
A Kill Stripe will not be awarded if the challenged group does not accept the challenge.  Examples:  challenging someone to see who will open their parachute last; donating $100 to a charity and challenging anyone to match it.
The opponent can be from another fan club (Federation, Romulan, etc) or  from another Klingon ship, including a KAG ship. A Kill Stripe is not awarded  for winning a challenge against an opponent from your own ship.
The Kill Stripe is only awarded if you win the challenge, not if you lose, and not  for a draw.
Kill Stripes will have more meaning if the battle was well fought.
Don’t stack the deck in your favor.  Avoid ganging up on one Federation ship with a squadron of Klingon warships.  This type of victory is hollow and not worthy of a true Warrior.  As Klingons we require real battles, not safe scrimmages.


Once the battle is won and you have all the information then it’s time
to complete the request for decoration.

  • The request is sent to the Fleet Commander or his designee.
  • Requests can only be sent by the Ship’s Commanding Officer or Executive Officer.
  • If more than one ship was involved in an activity, it is the responsibility of each ship to send in their own requests.
  • It is the responsibility of each ship, not Fleet or Quadrant Command, to keep track of the number of Kill Stripes they have accumulated.
  • Only one Kill Stripe request should be sent per challenge won.
  • Only one Kill Stripe shall be awarded per challenge won.  Whether the challenge is scheduled for one day, or 300 days, it is still one challenge.

Examples:collecting pop tabs for an entire year,  high score on all  three games at a bowling challenge.


  • Name of ship
  • Name (Klingon and Terran) and contact info of ship’s commanding officer
  • Date of event (day, month and year)
  • A brief description of the event and the outcome of the battle.

Rather than just saying “We won”,  point out the bowling averages, or how much money was collected, etc. *  Attach related information whenever available, such as copies of score cards, an announcement in your newsletter, or a letter from the defeated acknowledging your victory.
*  Identity of the defeated opponent.  If it is a ship, include their name.  It is very important to include the race:  Federation/Human, Romulan, Klingon, etc.
*  Honored Warrior –  Include their human name plus their Klingon name, rank and honorific.

Once everything is done make copies, put together the package and send it in.    If you want
notification, enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope.  Otherwise notification  and reply information will be sent out at another time. NOTE:This information can be sent via email.

The approval process will be the same for every Kill Stripe request.

  • Once the event is complete, the  CO or XO completes the request.
  • The request is sent to the appropriate officer for approval.
  • The request is reviewed.
  • If approved, the request is marked as approved, and dated.
  • If not approved, the request is marked ‘No’ or ‘Need more info’.
  • Original request with related information is filed with Fleet Command.
  • A copy of the request is returned to the Ship Commander.  If the request was delivered via email, the notification will be returned by email.
  • Approved requests are now official Kill Stripes.
  • Requests marked ‘Need more info’ can be resubmitted with additional information.   Requests marked ‘No’ may be resubmitted for appeal.
  • Ship Commander prepares award announcement or ceremony with crew.


The Warrior acquires and wears the Kill Stripe only after it has
been approved. Approved Kill Stripes may be displayed according to the
Warrior’s uniform or outfit, or on the banner.


The display system for Kill Stripes is decided by each ship. The only
feature which is standardized for all ships is the color designation for
the victory.


Federation or Human
Klingon or Other


It is good form to send in your requests for decoration promptly following events rather than waiting and sending them once or twice a year. This spreads the amount of paperwork out over a greater period of time for everyone involved.