AER: Starfest 2017

AER: Starfest 2017:
Starfest was host to a glorious Klingon event Klingonfest. This is our 5th year doing it and we all had a great time. There were great guests, Odo, Chekov, and stars from Grimm and The Librarians. and many Writers and great Costumers. It was most glorious!
TA KRIS made the trek to see for himself how glorious this was. I will let him report on his trip.
But we also like the Idea of the Klingon Way, so we got our own.
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Battle notches for to many to list here.
IKS Mystic VamPyr and The Pounders AER:
We came up with a new Klingon Jr Warrior game this year call Tasty Tasty Tribbles – Hungry Hungry Targ.
This is addition to Klingon BOP a Jr Batleth training program.
One of our Jr. Members Koen came up with a great game called Annihilation!  Image may contain: 3 people, people sitting and indoor
Programming ran from 1 PM Friday until 5 PM Sunday.
There were many KLIN_FIRE Fleet ships in attendance.
IKS Ragnarok AER:
Report from the Ragnarok… This year we divided up into two parties and spent the weekend wandering aimlessly. Took a photo with Rene Auberjonois and David Giuntoli. Hung out at the Klingon room, went to Trailer Park(Movie Preveiws). One of our parties had to leave early Sunday. All in all it was a good mission!
IKS MeyIS Hegh (Sweet Death) AER:
The crew of the IKS MeyIS Hegh (Sweet Death) had a fabulous time at StarFest this year! My communications officer Nicholas Long was on StarFest staff for weapons check, worked on schedule, helped set up the main events room and helped out with Tasty Tasty Tribbles! Since he was mostly posted near our Klingon room, he pretty much helped with anything that was needed. The man never stopped moving! Thank you, Nich! My second Anita Long, helped with the children’s crafts on Sunday, helped with Tasty Tasty Tribbles as well and made most of the food for the party! Thank you Anita!! We all enjoyed seeing the hard work that was put into making the Tribbles come to fruition and the smiles that were on the children’s faces playing with them.
Myself, I just hung out and helped where needed (I did help throwing Tribbles back into the pot after each round)!
We may have finally hooked two more crew from the Springs after they came to their first StarFest!!! They go to some of our events but haven’t joined our ship, yet!! Keep working on them, Anita!!
My ship wants to thank everyone who worked the Klingon room, the peace tie table outside, held panels (of which were really well done), or helped with the party, especially all of you who set and cleaned up…not an easy task! Without you, this convention would not have run so smoothly – at least from my point of view.
My only complaint is that hopefully, next year KlingonFest will be in a larger room. We have so much going on and not enough space to do all the activities well.
Thank you to KAG for coming out and experiencing our convention. “And that is why the Federation sucks!”
Lastly, thanks to Lord Vampyr for another glorious convention in the books and onward to next year.
Lt. Commander, D’Lara of the IKS MeyIS Hegh
The BelDuj crew attended Starfest this year.  Unfortunately we were not allowed to dance due to the changes in the hotel design and there no longer being a location for entertainment/music activities.  Most of the crew did their own thing.  Fun was had by all at the house meeting as the girls all climbed into the tribble pool and took photos.
ISS Phoenix AER:
Captain’s report from the ISS Phoenix we had a really good time at starfest sorry this is a little late I hope everybody enjoyed the Terran Dragon blood wine end of report
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IKS notqa’ AER:
Official post starfest report
Sad news first I purged the iPad appearently before backing it up to my iCloud account so half the photos and all the videos I don’t have
Pre-starfest we had tremendous growth. During starfest the house n my ship gained 7, for close to 13 new house members. We also had a few transfers three to be exact. For a total crew increase of 16.
Sam Bordas
Mike Pearcy
JJ Wray
Sajadiah Nico
All received the coveted axe known as gorehound for the participation in making tribbles.
Jj wray and Nico both received The commendation known as the frostsaber plaque of valor. The received this for helping their captain maintain normalcy while getting better.
During the con two house members were also more than helpful and John Miller I need to know what award I can get them. Nicholas S Long and Lee Montgomery both took time from their family and crew to help me wheel around the whole convention.
During the convention, we also made alliances with another ship that Nicholas long and Anita Long belong to. This will only in my eyes strengthen the bonds that make us a house no a family of our choosing
Krikor gave me a ribbon and ideas for what and how to do reward my crew. It was a military style ribbon with ribs under it.
Further items I spent time learning from Joe Linden and Robert Hay. The knowledge and fellowship gained from the sharing again is priceless.
To propose and write out a plan to make our get-togethers more frequent.
For the IKS Notqa to be more active as members of the House Vampyr. To keep and honor those in the house.
I have tons of ideas for fundraising for my ship and will share them in the house once we have rolled in some coin and reports
Think my report is as thorough as I can recall
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IKS Tiburon AER:
The crew of the IKS Tiburon, spent Starfest both working the Ten forward lounge and as Klingon fest Staff. Many of the crew received awards for taking the initiative roles in ships projects.
I had great fun both in my duty staff, at Tasty Tasty Tribbles and the House party.
Glory to House VamPyr, Glory to KAG, Glory to the Empire
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We are all hunting this Andorian. If you have information on her please report to any of our ships.
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WarLord VamPyr


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  1. Greetings!   KRIKOR wasn’t at STARFEST this year…. BUT I WAS!   KRIS, KAG FOUNDER and Thought-Admiral.   I was the fellow who showed how to convert a golfball retriever into a collapsing spear and baton.  I was the Klingon who gave you the RIB RIBBON… as The Sauce runs deeply in your blood.


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