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Greetings Warriors of KAG!

Today I would like to discuss ranks and positions within KAG. Our Handbook covers what’s available, but it doesn’t really go into any details about what members should do to earn them.

Ranks are used throughout Klingon, and Star Trek, fandom by clubs of all kinds. Some clubs give out rank based on how long someone has been a member, so their Fleet-Admirals were there at the start of the club. Some clubs give out rank based on the role the member is playing within that club’s game world, so their General could be a someone who joined a week ago. Some clubs give out rank based on a position that is given, or won via election, while others give out rank based on exams and tests.

When KAG gives out rank, it’s for a different reason. KAG awards rank based on the amount and the type of work a member does for the club. The more responsibilities you take on and the more you contribute toward the goals of KAG, the further up the rank ladder you can go.

The first few ranks after completing your uniform are often earned by doing regular ship activities: attending public events with the purpose of recruiting for and advertising KAG. Some members are happy with this level of responsibility. Some are willing to take on more.

For them, there are the Senior Officer ranks. These ranks are awarded to members who have consistently contributed to the club by volunteering their time and skills.

Traditionally these ranks are earned through holding Command positions at the Quadrant, Fleet, and Division levels, but there are only a few of those positions available, so it’s also possible to earn these ranks by working to assist those Command positions, or by leading especially large and very active ships.

A good first step for someone looking to do more is to reach out to your Fleet and Division Commanders to see how you can help out. Tell them what skills you have that you would enjoy sharing: technology, art, costuming, etc. Maybe they need a volunteer to update the website, to create ship logos, or to assist with a regional event. Another approach would be to advertise the skills you have in your Fleet communication channels; let everyone know what you’re willing to do, so members can come to you when they need assistance with something. You’ll also want to monitor those channels to see if anyone is requesting help that you can provide.

Once you have a task, be sure to do it in a timely manner and communicate with whoever you are working with, especially if there are delays or questions. If life changes, and you need your time back, let whoever you are working with know. Good communication is key to achieving senior officer ranks.

Assisting with a Fleet or Division Command position will help you on your way to la’, and might get you HoD if you put in the hours, but it won’t get you to ‘ech/totlh or ‘aj/Sa’. For them you will need to be a Fleet or Division commander for several years. To get one of those, you need to demonstrate your leadership skills, so Command knows you have what it takes. It took me 11 years to go from HoD to ‘aj, before we had ‘ech/totlh, and I spent most of that time as a Quadrant Commander and a Division Commander. Prior to those positions, when I was a la’, I was assisting with fleet-wide events like the Klingon Year Games and KAG Spring Break. Each step up the ladder requires at least twice as much work as the previous step.

Realistically speaking, for the majority of members in KAG, the highest rank they will see is la’Hom. For those willing to give some more time, they could see la’, with HoD being achieved by the most dedicated among them. Above that and KAG almost becomes like a second job, albeit one we enjoy doing every day.

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  1. I crave the glory and honor any true warrior deserves. I have put my uniform together, I have seized the commanders chair on the Suvwl’ ta’ and I created a web presence for the glorious warrior king. Glory to the Empire!! Qapla’!

    1. Dunqu’! Hopefully your ship will be added to this website soon so new warriors know where to find you. Have you attended any events in your uniform? If so, post pictures and I’ll adjust your rank! Qapla’!

  2. It takes a lot of work and patience, I have been putting in many hours for the KLING-Fire Fleet, and bringing Klingondom to the Denver Area for over 20 years now. Starfest/Klingonfest has become something all Klingons to attend.

    I do it for the Glory and Honor, and because I like being Klingon and training others to be Klingon!

    1. And you have much Glory and Honor, my friend! You have accomplished amazing things over those 20 years.

      Those who only join KAG to seek fame or fortune will be sorely disappointed, but those who join because they love Klingons will always go far!

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