QI’lop 2020

October 5th a few of the crew of the IKV Shadowbat attended the online QI’lop. Communication Officer Ka’Li was able to be on with her video and voice. Sadly, she does not remember the conversations had because she was busy watching her Caption Khy’ron getting irate at his computer not responding like it was supposed to. So he gave up and proceeded to amuse himself on appearing at random times on his Comm’s camera. Sometimes he appeared with props other times he dressed and danced behind her. Each time he did this, his security officer would laugh and almost fall out of his chair because of the antics of his Captain. Ka’Li did enjoy seeing her XO show us some of his brews that he likes to make for everyone. That was about all she can remember because of her Captain. All in all it was an amusing time for those of the IKV Shadowbat.

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