QI’lop 2020 online

The QI’lop is the celebration of the might of the empire. Online this year and a great success with food, drink, gifts and conversation. Nerd conversation. You know the kind where you get really excited over a subject, excited not mad, and everyone starts talking at the same time and you are not sure what happened but you are still friends in the end. ( it is the best kind) . Whether in person or online, not being able to get a word in edgewise may be frustrating but when you realized it is because you are with a lot of friends it makes it better,

Thank you:
To everyone who showed up in uniform, out of uniform, in voice or just in the text chat. . Most of the fleets were represented this night.

To Commander Khartan who made the awesome new video. an episode of ‘ey Soj’
To major ja’drak for his video and “live” bartending.
To our Canadian KAG family members who showed up . That means a lot to me.
Almost all the fleets were represented.
Even to Starfleet:
To Delta Fleet
and Star Fleet International; members who came by .
and to the Supreme Commander, Thought Admiral qurgh who has yet to tell me “no” when I get an idea.

:A special “Thank you “
To all who always makes sure to help and support my endeavors.

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  1. I enjoyed listening to everyone and seeing Hiro die every time Captain Khy’Ron photo bombed my video feed. Captain couldn’t join us like he wanted because his phone was being a p’tagh. It was good to see people I knew and those I just met last night. Hope to do it sometime soon and maybe participate too.

  2. Oh I had load of fun doing my very first Qi’lop and apparently the only person in the Cold Death Quadrant of Northern Minnesota to representative of the area. As in full garb, but fortunately my tablet could not handle the load of people on with the video setting, so had settle with voice for the night. But soon as people slowly head out then my video was working go figure right? But the main part here is i never had so much fun in with fellow KAG buffs.

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